Thursday , 28 May 2020
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Indian Tech Firm Sued In US For Illegal Business Practices

iYogi and its President Vishal Dhar have been named in the lawsuit filed in King County Superior Court in Washington state. NEW YORK:  A technology support company run by an Indian-American entrepreneur has been sued by the US state of Washington for alleged illegal business practices to pressure consumers into buying unnecessary software, a charge denied as false and baseless ... Read More »

Disgruntled Yahoo Investors Suggest Different Paths Forward

Two Yahoo investors, acting independently, have publicly called for radical changes or a potential sale of the firm. Both Canyon Capital Advisors and SpringOwl Asset Management apparently were unappeased by last week’s announcement that Yahoo would spin off its core Internet business. Canyon Capital Advisors on Friday sent a letter to Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb, urging the company to find ... Read More »

UK Police Pinch Suspect in VTech Hack

UK police on Tuesday arrested a 21-year-old man as part of their investigation into last month’s hack on VTech’s systems. The man was arrested in Bracknell, 30 miles west of London, on suspicion of unauthorized access to a computer to facilitate the commission of an offense and suspicion of causing a computer to perform functions to secure or enable unauthorized ... Read More »

WhatsApp Brouhaha Breaks Out in Brazil

A Brazilian judge on Thursday lifted the ban a different judge had imposed on WhatsApp hours earlier, according to reports. It did not seem reasonable to affect millions of users to penalize Facebook, WhatsApp’s owner, for failing to cooperate with judicial rulings, the judge reportedly said, suggesting that the imposition of a larger fine would have been more appropriate. The ... Read More »

Twitter Alerts Users to State-Sponsored Cyberattack Threat

Twitter last week began warning some of its members that they might be the target of a state-sponsored attack on their accounts. Coldhak posted to its Twitter account a copy of the warning it received. It’s among a small number of accounts that state-sponsored actors may be targeting in an attempt to obtain information such as email addresses, IP addresses ... Read More »

6 Tips To Save Money While Shopping Online

Shopping online can make most of your purchasing super convenient. Although, the prices are usually better than offline stores, there are still ways to save a little more on your online shopping. With several price comparison websites, deals forums and coupon sites across the web, there’s always a little extra that you can get out of your online shopping experience. ... Read More »

UHD TV – What’s the Damage?

TV manufacturers could have a very good holiday season, and the good times likely will continue through 2019. Sales of 4K or Ultra High Definition TV sets will exceed 330 million units by the end of 2019 — a sharp increase from the 2 million sold in 2013, according to data released last month by Parks Associates. However, while the ... Read More »

How Technology Could Prevent Another Paris-Like Attack

What I find fascinating is that with all of the focus members of the intelligence community place on violating our privacy, they still aren’t able to stop attacks like the one in Paris. Currently they are complaining that it is our fault for implementing encryption that blocks their often-illegal views into citizens’ personal lives. I think that even if encryption ... Read More »

Massive Hack Attack on Educational Toy Company Exposes Parents, Kids

The award-winning Hong Kong-based maker of electronic learning toys for kids on Friday announced that its Learning Lodge database was breached in a hack attack on Nov. 14. Learning Lodge lets customers download apps, learning games, e-books, and other educational content to VTech products. The news first surfaced on Motherboard, which last week reported that the personal information of nearly ... Read More »

New US Asteroid Mining Law Could Violate International Space Treaty

Section 5103 of the Act gives U.S. companies the right to resources mined from asteroids, although it does not give them rights to the asteroids themselves. News of the president’s signing drew applause fromPlanetary Resources, a 5-year-old asteroid mining company. The law establishes the same type of framework that facilitated the growth of “the great economies in history,” remarked Eric ... Read More »