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Final Fantasy VII Remake: More Story, Less Action

Square Enix last week offered some tidbits about its upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake, which likely will be episodic in nature with the emphasis on action toned down. The company revealed the first gameplay footage of the remake at the PlayStation Experience 2015 event in San Francisco. The game, which was announced in June, likely will be released exclusively for ... Read More »

Mozilla Gives Up Firefox Phone Ambitions

Mozilla on Wednesday confirmed that it has hung up on the Firefox OS mobile phone and will try using the operating system to dial into other connected device uses instead. It ended its sales program of the Firefox mobile operating system to carriers and will no longer develop the OS for smartphones, Mozilla said. Some Mozilla members broke the news ... Read More »

Zuckerberg Has Muslims’ Backs

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday posted a message of support to Muslims in the Facebook community and around the world. Zuckerberg’s post stands in stark contrast to presidential candidate Donald Trump’s verbal attacks on all Muslims, including his call earlier this week to ban them from entering the United States. Supporters cheered when Trump suggested the ban at a ... Read More »

Fans Psyched for Psychonauts Sequel

Double Fine founder Tim Schafer said last week that Psychonauts will get a sequel — if fans prove they want it badly enough. Appearing at the Game Awards in Los Angeles, he kicked off Double Fine’s Fig campaign for Psychonauts 2, urging fans to pitch in US$3.3 million toward development of the new title. It’s now one week since the ... Read More »

GeckoLinux: This Baby Knows What It’s Doing

GeckoLinux is a custom spin of the openSuse project. It offers an impressive variety of options and easier operation than typical Suse-based Linux distros provide. GeckoLinux is a newcomer. I mean very new. Its first release was last week. You shouldn’t view this distro as a wailing infant, however. It’s based on openSuse Leap 42.1 and was leapfrogged into near-instant ... Read More »

FBI Chief: High-Tech Firms Need to Rethink Encryption Stance

FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday told members of a U.S. Senate committee that high-tech companies may need to adopt a new business model regarding encryption in order to get on the same page with law enforcement. “Encryption is getting in the way of our ability to have court orders effective to gather information we need in our most important ... Read More »

Yahoo Ropes In Gmail

Yahoo last week announced that it had integrated Gmail with the online version of Yahoo Mail, just two months after integrating, Hotmail and AOL Mail in a major redesign. Yahoo Mail for Android 5.1 began rolling out to Google Play last week. Yahoo Mail for iOS 4.0.3, now available globally, lets iPad users run Yahoo Mail side by side ... Read More »

Hot Hacker Targets in 2016: Fantasy Sports, Professional Services

As 2016 approaches, it’s time to get the crystal ball out and predict next year’s cybersecurity trends. Here are some predictions from security pros TechNewsWorld interviewed. Fantasy Sports Sites Will Be Hacked Fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel in 2015 caught the attention of states’ attorneys general, who wanted to treat the outfits as gambling enterprises. In 2016, the ... Read More »

Pegboard Nerds ‘Emoji’ Video Explores Intersection Between Humans And Emojis For A Good Cause

The new video from electronic music duo Pegboard Nerds for its song “Emoji” features a creative low-tech take on the intersection between humans and emojis in everyday life. The video was directed by Partick Jean, whose short film Pixels inspired the Adam Sandler feature film of the same name. The Pegboard Nerds are one of the most respected and innovative artists ... Read More »

Facebook At Work All Set To Take On LinkedIn With 2016 Launch

More productivity and collaboration than meme passing and candy crushing, Facebook for Work will finally arrive in early 2016. It contains all of the familiar elements found on Facebook proper — from profiles and group pages to timelines and follow features. But Facebook at Work was not built to support games, although some people will surely find workarounds to play, ... Read More »