Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Internet News, The Children’s Website Not Associated With Google, Is Looking For Help

Did you know that “” is not owned and operated by Google or Alphabet? In fact, the domain was apparently established in July 1997—two months before This has proven troublesome over the years as the search engine homepage has only continued to grow while the children’s website at “” languished. It looks like they’re trying to make another go ... Read More »

Netflix Beats Out Traditional Cable Broadcasters To Rack Up Golden Globe Nominations

The Golden Age of Television might also be the beginning of the slow decline of traditional cable and network programming — at least that’s what this year’s 2015 Golden Globe nominations seem to indicate. The streaming service garnered eight nominations, with the cable networks HBO and Starz following at a close second with seven nominations each. Out of Netflix’s three ... Read More »

Sprint dispute could result in loss of affordable Internet for low income people

Sprint plans on shutting down an outdated cellular network next week. But two nonprofits are fighting Sprint in court, saying that the shutdown will cut off Internet access to low-income individuals, the elderly, and the disabled. The nonprofits, Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen, use Sprint’s old “WiMAX” network to provide high speed wireless Internet to schools and other organizations that ... Read More »

Old-Line Industries Get an Internet Boost

As China’s Communist Party leaders meet this week to approve an economic blueprint for the next five years, they are likely to make “Internet Plus” a national priority. To understand Internet Plus, take a look at Jiangsu Xicheng Steel. The once enormously profitable steelmaker has slashed its workforce to 2,500 from 8,000 as China’s economic slowdown and a glut of ... Read More »

Quick tips on finding the care value in India

When searching for the home security for the used cars, people can seekthe help of professionals or can depend on the internet. Both the ways are lucrative in nature. Professionals are having ample knowledge in this field while the internet is offering the best possible options to do the same. Based on your budget if you are planning to buy the ... Read More »

Facebook’s New Name, Same Problems

Facebook announced on Thursday that it is renaming its controversial initiative to Free Basics, and announced some other changes that would come with the name change. Facebook also announced a number of updates to the service, at least some of which aim to address the issues raised by people worldwide. The name is being changed to “better distinguish the ... Read More »

EU Open to Digital Competition, Says Oettinger

A top European Union official on a tour that includes visits to US technology giants said the EU bloc is open to all players, brushing aside references to “digital protectionism.” “Our rules on a European level are relevant for everybody, for European producers and players, for Asian players, and for American players as well,” Guenther Oettinger, the EU commissioner for ... Read More »

Sundar Pichai Hopes Google Can Build Upon PM Modi’s US Visit

Internet giant Google’s chief executive Sundar Pichai on Thursday said the company was looking to renew and strengthen partnership with the country it sees as a pivotal market in its global expansion plans. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slated to visit the Silicon Valley in his second US trip. “We hope your (Modi’s) visit will energise people in the Valley, ... Read More »

Paytm to Invest $10 Million in Logistics Data Firm LogiNext

Mobile commerce platform Paytm said on Wednesday it is investing $10 million (approximately Rs. 66 crores) in logistics data startup LogiNext. The move is in line with Paytm’s strategic plan to invest $150 million (roughly Rs. 990 crores) in a dozen Indian tech startups over the next few months, the company said in a statement. “While large logistics companies have ... Read More »

Kim Dotcom Case ‘Simple Fraud’, New Zealand Court Told

Prosecutors outlined their case against Kim Dotcom in a New Zealand court on Thursday, saying the core allegation against the Internet mogul accused of multi-million dollar online piracy was one of fraud. The case has already dragged on almost four years and been described by the FBI as the biggest copyright investigation in US history, involving leading-edge technology and huge ... Read More »