Sunday , 26 September 2021
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming a Non-Profit Organization

Not just any company can become a non-profit organization (NPO). Non-profit status is limited to organizations that generally serve the community in a sector like education, religion, charity, science, arts, etc. The government grants a non-profit organization tax-exempt status because the shareholders or trustees work with the organization without financial compensation. All money that is earned should be used by ... Read More »

Healthcare entrepreneurship- Breaking new grounds by merging science and business

Money seeks reason to grow. To multiply. In its most basic sense, it seeks to be a catalyst of change, of growth. Its power lies in serving a purpose which goes beyond simple multiplication. Artiman, a mid-sized venture capital firm, based out of silicon valley defines just that. It puts in money in ideas which are defined as ‘white space’. ... Read More »

How to Choose a Pump Manufacturer

In the chemical industry, who you choose as a pump manufacturer matters. With the different manufacturers out there, it’s crucial to look at a variety of factors before choosing the brand that might help you the most. Experienced Manufacturer As with any industry, the experience of the manufacturer matters. When you need to choose who to shop around with for ... Read More »

3 Essentials to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Event

Planning a large outdoor event is a massive undertaking. There are a few essential planning points to remember for things to come together smoothly. 1. The Venue Choosing the perfect location is a crucial foundation for any outdoor event. Some locations will have performance, dining, or restroom structures in place while others may need to have clear span fabric structures and portable ... Read More »

Differences Between Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

People uninitiated in the world of business might look at concepts such as business intelligence and data analytics and arrive to the conclusion that they are both the exact same practices. However, these are different procedures that ultimately help business leaders make decisions based on data. Learn more about both business intelligence and data analytics to understand how these two ... Read More »

Finding the Right Hydraulic Seal

The power steering in a car is a small motor that pumps fluid through the system to assist the driver in controlling the car. When the shaft seal breaks, the fluid leaks out and you can no longer steer the car easily. That seal, and others like it, are the only thing standing between a working system and a nonworking ... Read More »

Is Your Plating Equipment Supplier Working for You?

Businesses that require niche industrial operations to deliver their goods and services have to find suppliers who can serve their needs at all times. After all, if you require a process like aluminum anodizing or metal plating, you’re going to need non-reactive storage tanks, drip pans, and other important pieces of equipment that are designed to work with the specific ... Read More »

Benefits of Properly Selected Pipe

Chemical installations have very specific needs that standard pipes can’t typically fill. Due to the caustic nature of many substances, pipes have a much greater chance of degrading, corroding, and leaking in these facilities. Piping planners working on these plants have a greater variety of concerns. Pipe manufacturers have worked toward meeting this need through three main piping variations. Standard ... Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Worming Cats

If you’re like any cat owner, when it comes to your furry friend’s health, you want to be thorough. If your cat is acting lethargic, ill or seemingly unable to put on any weight despite how much it eats, then there may be a larger problem at play. At any time, most cats end up with some form of intestinal ... Read More »

Rummy Lessons That Only Practice Can Teach You

Rummy is referred to as a game of skills because a good player of 13 cards rummy game needs to possess some skills. Yet, skill alone won’t make you an expert in rummy. You also need to possess some knowledge regarding the right moves and strategies to win the game. These are lessons players learn after a good deal of ... Read More »