Thursday , 7 July 2022
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Restore Lost Data With The Help Of EaseUS

Data plays an important role in every aspect of our life. The term data is the collection of information. Data is used in almost all fields today. The main purpose of collecting the data is to store and retrieve it later. As data is stored and retrieved, it may also be deleted or lost. This is done by some unexpected ... Read More »

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps

If you think that mobile apps are solely for the big brands like Bank of America or Walmart, you are wrong. Nowadays, both small and medium-sized businesses are following the app trend, understanding that an effective online selling strategy involves more than just having a website. And no, you don’t have to be a developer to own an app. A ... Read More »

New Year, New Approach: Company Optimization Strategies For 2017

Now that 2017 is here to stay, many business owners are thinking about which techniques they need to deploy to ensure that their companies become increasingly successful as the year progresses. If this is your goal, it’s important to know that there are numerous company optimization techniques you can implement to realize the objective. Three of them include: 1. Optimize ... Read More »

Increase Your Real Estate Investment with Renovations

Purchasing a home is the biggest real estate investment that the average person is going to make. As with any investment, you want to see it grow. In order to increase a home’s value, you need to make improvements. Simple renovations throughout the property can bring in a larger return when you decide to sell. Curb Appeal The first thing ... Read More »

Internet Marketing Gold Begins with the Domain Name

Doing business online has become an important element to survival of any business. Whether the website is a blog, specializes in ecommerce, or amplifies a brick and mortar enterprise, the site can serve as a huge revenue generating center. Of course, marketing is an important piece of the Internet pie. Since domain name registration is often one of the first ... Read More »

Medical negligence claims are available quickly through the experts

Many instances come in front of courts where it is easily seen that the aggrieved parties have faced problems in their lives because of the negligence of the medical practitioners. People do not even know that there are laws in which a medical practitioner can also be questioned under law and can be punished if he or she hasn’t done ... Read More »

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Tweet Editing Feature ‘Definitely Needed’ but Implementation Is Complicated

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says Tweet Editing Feature ‘Definitely Needed’ but Implementation Is Complicated HIGHLIGHTS Jack Dorsey asked users what changes they wanted in Twitter for 2017 Dorsey unsure about time limitation on the editing feature Dorsey hinted that the feature might be made available for everyone It’s the end of the year and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has now ... Read More »

Civil Rights Groups Protest Boston PD’s Social Media Monitoring Plan

pushback against law enforcement monitoring of social media continued this week with an open letter from civil rights groups and privacy to the city government of Boston, urging officials to cancel plans to acquire social media analytics software with a seven-figure price tag, which would enable the Boston Police Department to track citizens’ online activity. The letter, signed by groups ... Read More »

Strangers, Supporters, Family React to Trevon Johnson’s Death on Social Media

When 17-year-old Trevon Johnson was shot multiple times and killed by a DuPage County deputy late Sunday night near Villa Park, it didn’t go unnoticed by the national community. Some upset citizens took to social media to express their feelings about Johnson’s death, no matter what those feelings were. Take a look at a handful of public posts: Get free ... Read More »

I’m quitting social media this New Year – here’s why

I’m quitting social media. The HORROR. Whoa, whoa there: I’m not about setting unrealistic goals so I’m still allowing myself the occasional browse (capped at 10 minutes) but strictly no posting. Now, I’m not the *biggest* ‘poster’ ever anyway, maybe once or twice a week on Instagram and Facebook, but I’ve started using Instagram Stories daily and my browsing is ... Read More »