Saturday , 20 April 2019
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Internet Marketing Gold Begins with the Domain Name

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Doing business online has become an important element to survival of any business. Whether the website is a blog, specializes in ecommerce, or amplifies a brick and mortar enterprise, the site can serve as a huge revenue generating center. Of course, marketing is an important piece of the Internet pie. Since domain name registration is often one of the first steps in the virtual landscape, creating a marketing gold mine starts at the very beginning of development. Understanding some basic concepts before creating a website are fundamental to the long-term success of any type of website.

Extensions Matter

Not too long ago, the .com, .net, and .org extensions were pretty much all the Internet had to offer companies looking to break into the online game. Recent expansions have brought such creative extensions like .guru, .repair, .city, and many more options into the fold. These options allow businesses to be much more precise in the purpose and process behind websites. Therefore, businesses need to take the desired extension into account prior to completing registration in order to make the most of any domain.

Words & Phrases

Common words and phrases tend to skew into the category of preferred domains, which means they are usually much more expensive. While marketing can be simplified by utilizing a common phrase, any type of unique selection can be promoted through careful and continual use. The trick is using a combination of words that is easy to remember, allows for simple entry, and contains the right mix of customer-friendly enthusiasm. After all, domains are usually the face of the digital company, and that face should be clean and recognizable.

Branding Is King

The secret to building a digital empire starts and ends with branding. Building a strong brand is only possible through a unique and recognizable domain name. The Internet is loaded with websites, but a site that offers a unique user experience and valuable insight has a better chance of being noticed by users. Branding is a process honed over time, but it all starts with promoting the domain through creative and valuable channels.

Keeping Cost in Line

Cost is often the deal breaker when it comes to online businesses. Premium domains can cost thousands of dollars, and once promotion costs are figured into the equation, the total investment can be significant. However, selecting a new domain and building the brand over time can keep costs in line. In short, reducing the startup cost can save thousands of dollars over the life of the site.

In the end, Internet marketing gold starts with the domain. By keeping costs low, choosing the right extension, and developing the right branding strategy, any company can create a huge revenue stream from any type of website. The Internet grows by leaps and bounds every single day, and developing a site that stands out is key to creating a viable company. The domain is the first brick in the construction of a profit center, and it needs to be selected and placed properly.