Wednesday , 17 August 2022
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Understanding Commercial Janitorial Services

Whether a company is small, mid-sized or a large corporation, they all employ commercial janitorial services. Depending on the scale and type of company, janitorial services are provided accordingly. Every workplace requires a clean work setting. The restrooms, kitchen areas and offices- all need to be swept and mopped regularly to maintain a hygienic work environment. The many floors of ... Read More »

The forgotten problems: Prescription drugs and addiction

There’s something of a stigma related to drug addiction – a myth some would say. Many believe that addiction only occurs in those individuals who turn to the illegal drugs, like cocaine or heroin, and everyone else is exempt from the definition. Suffice to say, it’s completely incorrect. We’ve seen some huge advancements in the addiction industry over the years ... Read More »

What you can do get out of poverty in 2017

Poverty is a difficult trap from which to escape, as those mired in it often work multiple jobs and are saddled with crippling debt that they cannot begin to imagine being able to pay off. Despite these difficulties though, the Prophet TB Joshua of Nigeria rose from the most unimaginably dire circumstances to become a highly successful preacher known by ... Read More »

Mastering the art of salary negotiating and earning what you’re worth

It’s one of those awkward conversations that you dread to have with your superiors, but it’s one that simply has to happen in the aid of career progression. Unfortunately, salary negotiation is an art and storming into an office demanding ‘x’ amount just isn’t going to cut it. There’s all sorts of guides on the matter and we were alerted ... Read More »

How to improve the performance of your sales team

Not getting an inspired performance from your sales team lately? There are a number of ways that you can improve results, from rethinking the way you do your targets for the month to putting more effort into motivating your people properly. Mark Stiffler built his business on improving the performance of sales teams in companies worldwide; while he has retired ... Read More »

How to Get Over a Back Injury

Injuring your back is right up there with teeth and ears as one of the most painful and debilitating injuries that you can sustain. The back gets put through an awful lot of strain in your day to day life and whether it is a result of something as simple like picking up your child or as a result of ... Read More »

How to Forge a Career in Photography

If you love your photography then there are ways in which you can turn it from a hobby into a way of earning a living and in the internet age, it has never been easier to do so. Not everyone has an eye for photography and many people may well leave it as a hobby if they don’t feel as ... Read More »

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Lawyer

Being a lawyer is an incredibly attractive career choice and it has been for a long time, not only is this a career which can help you to earn a very good salary but it also offer you a position of power in the courtroom. Aside form these areas of being a lawyer, many are also attracted to the idea ... Read More »

It’s winter! Diagnosing cold-car problems in a flash

While you might be one of those people who falls in love with the charms of winter, it’s safe to say that your car doesn’t fall into this category. This is a time which is problematic to say the least for a vehicle and is one of the most popular seasons for which owners report problems to services like Omega ... Read More »

Foundation failure: The costly problem with umpteen causes

For those not involved in the construction industry, the foundations may seemingly be quite a minor part of a project. However, if we were to reveal that they make up a significant part of a project’s budget, it soon becomes clear that they aren’t just merely “trenches in the ground”. The above is one of the reasons the likes of ... Read More »