Saturday , 23 October 2021
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The Trouble With Hoverboards and Lithium-Ion Batteries

The biggest problem is that a lithium ion fire in a large battery pack like this could burn down your house, and that would be an ugly end to holiday festivities. I’ll explain why you should keep your eyes out for cheap products that have big lithium ion battery packs, like these popular hoverboards. I’ll close with my product of ... Read More »

Yahoo Ropes In Gmail

Yahoo last week announced that it had integrated Gmail with the online version of Yahoo Mail, just two months after integrating, Hotmail and AOL Mail in a major redesign. Yahoo Mail for Android 5.1 began rolling out to Google Play last week. Yahoo Mail for iOS 4.0.3, now available globally, lets iPad users run Yahoo Mail side by side ... Read More »

Hot Hacker Targets in 2016: Fantasy Sports, Professional Services

As 2016 approaches, it’s time to get the crystal ball out and predict next year’s cybersecurity trends. Here are some predictions from security pros TechNewsWorld interviewed. Fantasy Sports Sites Will Be Hacked Fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel in 2015 caught the attention of states’ attorneys general, who wanted to treat the outfits as gambling enterprises. In 2016, the ... Read More »

Gujarat’s firms helping ISRO shape up ‘manned space mission’

Private firms in Gujarat are assisting Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in developing technology for a “manned mission” in space. While a firm in Vadodara is designing space-suits for Indian astronauts, a couple of others in Ahmedabad are developing sensors and lighting systems needed for the mission. “The space-suits have been done in Vadodara by a private firm. It is ... Read More »

NASA captures Sun in a stunning 4K resolution

There is nothing much to say about Sun other than the fact that its always shining and always ablaze with light. Sun is always radiating energy and solar wind and NASA has a video to make us believe this. NASA has released a new 30-minute video which shows Sun in its never seen before glory. The video is created from ... Read More »

Now, turn 2D videos into 3D in a minute

By using a software that powers sports video games, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) have developed a system that automatically converts 2D video of soccer games into 3D. The converted video can be played back over any 3D device — a commercial 3D TV, Google’s new Cardboard system which turns ... Read More »

Now, scientists discover ice-spewing volcanoes on Pluto

Scientists have discovered what appear to be ice-spewing volcanoes on the surface of Pluto, raising questions about how the tiny, distant world has been so geologically active, according to research presented on Monday. The findings, released at an American Astronomical Society meeting in National Harbor, Maryland, paint a far more complicated picture of Pluto and its moons than scientists imagined. ... Read More »

LiFi Internet might just be 100 times faster than WiFi, says report

The pilot testing of LiFi, an alternative technology to WiFi, has proved that it can send data at up to 1GBps, according to a report in The Telegraph UK. This is almost 100 times faster than the present WiFi technology. So what exactly is LiFi? It uses light to beam information via air. The technology was first discovered by Professor Harald ... Read More »

NASA to launch two sounding rockets to study Earth’s magnetic field

NASA is launching two sounding rockets over Norway to study how particles move in a region near the North Pole where the Earth’s magnetic field is directly connected to the solar wind. After the launch window opens on November 27, the CAPER and RENU 2 rockets will have to wait for low winds and a daytime aurora before they can ... Read More »

New touchscreen material to end daily smartphone charging

British scientists have invented a new type of touchscreen material that requires very little power to illuminate, with vivid colours and high visibility in direct sunlight. The team is already in talks with some big players in consumer electronics to see if their new material can replace current LCD touchscreens over the next few years. Developed by Bodie Technologies, a ... Read More »