Wednesday , 1 February 2023
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College Campuses Are The New Test Facilities For Emerging Technology

College campuses have long been sites of innovation and technology. Housing superior research and development facilities, a plethora of advisory resources and brilliant thinkers, higher-ed institutions are natural hubs for creating next-gen systems.

We saw the first general purpose computer emerge from the University of Pennsylvania in 1946, the first retractable, locking seatbelt come from the University of Minnesota in 1963 and Harvard-born Facebook spark the social media revolution in 2004.

But while universities are traditionally credited with tech invention, they are less celebrated for tech adoption — which is arguably just as crucial as the invention itself.

Many industries are wary of using new technologies due to uncertainty around value proposition, customer experience and security. Colleges, however, are forced to think ahead of the curve to appeal to Gen Z audiences — audiences that essentially grew up with cell phones and video game controllers as extensions of their hands.

By demonstrating a college’s innovative environment and tech-savvy capabilities from the onset of student engagement, institutions can stand out from the competition and attract top candidates to apply, enroll and thrive.