Sunday , 22 April 2018
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CollegeFashionista launches an online fashion education program

CollegeFashionista is expanding today with the launch of a digital education platform and fellowship for its 5,000-plus members, college students known as Style Gurus. This group is made up of college students across 630 campuses who operate as digital interns in semester-long spurts, creating all of the sites content — a mix of outfit posts, beauty tips, campus updates and more.

After each semester, however, the students would move on and had little-to-no ties to the community or brand, said Katherine Power, the CEO and co-founder of parent company Clique Media Group.

Now, CollegeFashionista’s goal is to expand its offering and, effectively, keep this Gen-Z and millennial cohort in the “family.” “[We want to] create a pipeline for these influential females that will feed into other areas of our business, including our robust micro-influencer network, or as consumers of our older brands, like WhoWhatWear and Byrdie,” said Power. (The company currently reports a total audience reach of 6.2 million.)

Offering career training along more focused lines, from editorial to marketing, is one way they’ll work to do that, with courses like “Professional Communication in the Digital Space” and “Self-Branding: What Does it Mean and How To Do It.” The program will also include a series of 101 courses outlining the basics of Photoshop, HTML/CSS, YouTube and more. Some of those classes will include live video and the opportunity to video chat with teachers, many of whom will be Clique’s editorial and strategy leads themselves, as well as outside employees from companies like WGSN and the photo/videographer duo Kelia and Luca.

GN8A0893CollegeFashionista’s relaunch imagery

“Our Gen-Z community is remarkably driven and hungry for experience. Many feel their universities are not properly equipped to dispense the real-life working skills they need for their first internships and jobs,” explained CollegeFashionista’s founder, Amy Levin. “We want to supplement their education to service this need, and ensure they feel confident and prepared when entering the job market.”

The program is free for all Style Gurus, who apply through a simple application on the CollegeFashionista website. The only criteria is that they’re enrolled in a university in the U.S. or internationally.

That website has also been relaunched with a cleaner, more sophisticated look — one that better echoes the other brands across Clique’s stable. It will continue to serve as a platform for the user-generated content that it’s known for. An exclusive job and internship board has also been added.