Thursday , 9 February 2023
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Data Busting: Take your assessments to the next level

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Data Busting: Take your assessments to the next level

Data is vital in the education setting – it provides insight into how pupils are progressing, what your biggest challenges are, and helps drive school improvement. However, data can sometimes get overlooked or misinterpreted. In order to effectively use data, you must improve your approach to assessment.

In schools, assessment is often directed from the top down and focussed heavily on accountability. But what if we did it the other way around? Ofsted’s recent change in direction enables schools to do just that: build an approach from the classroom upwards, that works for both teachers and pupils and restores faith in assessment.

We are excited to offer the Data Busting course with James Pembroke and Richard Selfridge.
This day-long training, aimed at senior leaders and assessment leads in primary schools, will help you navigate the fog of assessment and rationalise your data life.

This course will: