Wednesday , 28 October 2020
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Finding the Right Hydraulic Seal

The power steering in a car is a small motor that pumps fluid through the system to assist the driver in controlling the car. When the shaft seal breaks, the fluid leaks out and you can no longer steer the car easily. That seal, and others like it, are the only thing standing between a working system and a nonworking one.

Finding the Correct Seal

There are many different types of high pressure hydraulic shaft seals. When choosing the correct seal, first you need to select the correct type. There many different ones in which to choose, such as O-rings, bonded washers, double acting seals, oil seals, flexible wipers, pneumatic seals, and many more. Once you know the correct category, then you will need measurements.

Getting the Dimensions

If you look at the seal from the side, you can see the profile. Another way to figure this out is to imagine cutting a segment of the seal from front to back. This slice allows you to see the side view. Once you have this, take the dimensions including the inner diameter, outer diameter, and seal height and width. Measurements need to be exact to the millimeter. With these numbers, it should be easy to find the seal that you need.

Replacing the Seal

Seals should be replaced as they age and wear out. You will want to regularly inspect any seals and replace them at the first sign of wear. Allowing a worn-out seal to stay in place may result in failure of the component. Keep in mind that the higher the pressure of the system, the more durable and expensive the seal can be. If you aren’t sure which seal is right for your equipment, it’s best to ask the experts from the company where you are purchasing the pieces.

Getting the correct seal is an important part of maintaining the health of your equipment. Routine maintenance should keep your hydraulics in good working order.