Thursday , 7 July 2022
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Election week: the policy-issues opinion gap between social media and news

Climate change and tax are the two topics receiving the most discussion in both the news and social media in the final week of the election campaign, according to analysis by media monitoring firm Meltwater.

But their ordering is different across the platforms, with social media most interested in climate change, while news media focus most on tax.

What people are discussing: news vs social media

Social media sentiment is more negative towards the prime minister than the opposition leader. 61% of posts on social about Scott Morrison were negative (with 31% neutral and 8% positive) versus 46% negative for Bill Shorten (with 40% neutral and 14% positive).

While news media were predominantly neutral towards both leaders, Shorten received more polarised coverage. Scott Morrison received 7% positive coverage, 9% negative and 84% neutral, compared to Shorten on 10% positive, 16% negative and 74% neutral.

The results are based on data between May 13 and 17.