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Election week: the policy-issues opinion gap between social media and news

Climate change and tax are the two topics receiving the most discussion in both the news and social media in the final week of the election campaign, according to analysis by media monitoring firm Meltwater. But their ordering is different across the platforms, with social media most interested in climate change, while news media focus most on tax. What people ... Read More »

The Difference Between Loans, Cash Advances and Factoring

Getting the right financial product for your small business is important. However, entrepreneurs should be careful about which small business financing options they choose. Some make more sense for your company than others. Small Business Trends talked with Hanna Kassis an expert at Segway Financial about how to differentiate between loans, cash advances and factoring. “The biggest difference is cash advances and factoring are not loans, ... Read More »

The Link Between Technology, Social Work, and Conflict Resolution

In the field of social work, conflict resolution happens every day. However, the way social workers are dealing with conflicts may be changing as technology becomes introduced to the field. The use of technology is not without its critics, though. Seeing how technology can be used to help with conflict resolution and other hurdles in this field can enable people ... Read More »

How to Copy-Paste Text and Images Between Your iPhone and Mac

How to Copy-Paste Text and Images Between Your iPhone and Mac HIGHLIGHTS You can copy items on iOS and paste on Mac and vice-versa This works with iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Use the same iCloud account on all devices Universal clipboard was one of the headline features announced at WWDC 2016. This is the ability to copy items on ... Read More »

Difference Between Old and New Mentals

There is a clear difference in the visual appearance of old and new metals. Aging metals have tarnish, dents, and visible corrosion. However, if you like the look of aged metal, you do not have to wait for years to get that look. You can recreate the look of aged metal using artistic and artificial techniques. These techniques can help ... Read More »