Saturday , 25 May 2019
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The Link Between Technology, Social Work, and Conflict Resolution

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In the field of social work, conflict resolution happens every day. However, the way social workers are dealing with conflicts may be changing as technology becomes introduced to the field. The use of technology is not without its critics, though. Seeing how technology can be used to help with conflict resolution and other hurdles in this field can enable people to see how beneficial it can be, and using it responsibly can prevent issues from occurring.

A Short Look at Conflict Resolution

A social worker often has to deal with conflict. This could be trying to fix problems with clients, dealing with rules and regulations or explaining why an action must take place. It can be argued that a social worker’s main job is to resolve conflict or deal with it in some way. So, basically, conflict resolution is just an important part of this field that takes up a lot of a worker’s time. They have to find ways to effectively resolve issues and disputes and may currently use techniques like those mentioned by ACU.
As with any field, these employees are looking for ways to make things more efficient. By introducing technology, social workers may be able to make more efficient use of their time and manage conflict better as a result.

The Introduction of Technology

Technology has paved the way towards helping social workers become more efficient when it comes to conflict resolution. There are now apps on the market that aim to help with negotiating and bringing parties together to get problems worked out. One app in particular offers assistance with the whole process, telling workers what steps to take and offer solutions they can use. In time, more apps and even software will likely be developed that can be used by social workers to make their jobs easier.

Concerns and Results

The biggest concern when it comes to technology in the field of social work is privacy. People working with social workers often don’t want their information shared with anyone. They want to keep their issues private and handle them quietly. Any technology can expose security issues. For example, using technology to communicate with clients could bring about issues if information is hacked or an error occurs preventing delivery.
To combat these issues, many employers are requiring training to learn to use the technology properly and standards being developed to ensure proper procedures are followed. In addition, clients have to be informed about the use of technology and consent to its use. Finally, security is put in place to offer some protection.

An Overlooked Benefit

One of the often overlooked benefits of using technology in social work is that it helps bring about a greener workplace. Technology can allow for far less paperwork, which is always great for the environment. As Case Western notes, green social work is a concept that is catching on. Many in the field are working hard towards making things more environmentally friendly for their own offices and their clients.
Technology, social work, and conflict resolution may only be loosely related right now, but that is sure to change in the future. With advancements and more open-minded approaches, technology can begin to be used in the field to help social workers become more effective and efficient.