Wednesday , 25 May 2022
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Google Datally App Gets New Features to Help Save Data, Including Daily Limits

Google Datally App Gets New Features to Help Save Data, Including Daily Limits

Google is updating its Datally app to give users more ways to control data usage on their smartphones. In November 2017, the company had introduced the Datally appdesigned to help Android smartphone users stay under the limits of pricey mobile data packages in developing countries, including India. The service lists data consumption by the app and enables users to shut off data transmissions by apps of their choosing. Google is now giving Datally an upgrade with four new features, including the ability to set daily data usage limits and a guest mode, that will help users cut data usage even further.

Google detailed the new features of Datally in a blog post on Monday, and the key feature added in the latest version is the introduction of daily limits. The new Daily Limit feature enables users to control their data usage on a daily basis. Users can set the maximum amount of data they want to spend per day, and get warnings when they are about to bust through their limit. Users can choose to block data for the rest of the day or continue. It essentially helps your save data over time so that you do not run out before the end of a cycle.

Another new Datally feature enables a Guest Mode that lets you control how much data someone else may use while borrowing your phone. It is helpful in those situations where handsets are shared among family members. Next up is an ‘Unused Apps’ feature that highlights apps that you have stopped using but could still be leaking data. Google, in the blog post, notes that for many users, 20 percent of mobile data is from apps using data in the background that haven’t been opened for over a month. The new feature will identify such apps so that you can uninstall them.

Finally, Google has introduced a new Wi-Fi Map in the Datally app that shows all the nearby Wi-Fi networks so you can find those with a good signal and stop using your mobile data. Notably, the latest update has already rolled out, and you can download the Datally app via the Google Play Store to give the new features a test run.