Wednesday , 17 August 2022
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Happy Friendship Day: Here Are 5 Cool Gadgets to Buy for Your Tech-savvy Friends

Image result for Happy Friendship Day: Here Are 5 Cool Gadgets to Buy for Your Tech-savvy FriendsFriendship is just round the corner. Celebrated worldwide every year on the first Sunday of August, this year, the Friendship Day will be celebrated on August 4. While the idea of celebrating the Friendship Day started in US in 1935, it soon became a global celebration.

It was in the year 1997, when the United Nations named Winnie the Pooh as World’s Ambassador of Friendship. To celebrate the day, friends often gift goodies and tokens of friendship. With friends thinking of some cool gift ideas to surprise their buddies and strengthen their bond, a list of needed gift ideas might always help.

If your friend is a tech-savvy, and loves to gather the best collection of gadgets, this list might be useful to you.

Here are 5 gadget ideas that might leave your friends surprised:

Instant Photo Cameras:

Capturing photos is an important part of keeping memories safe. And with instant camera by your side, it will be fun to capture live memories, living in the moment. A number of gadget companies offer a great deal on live cameras and instant photo capturers. What’s good? Fujifilm also gives you an option to record audio while clicking the instant photo.

Temperature Control Mug:

Given the pace of a millennia’s life, juggling between work and home, we often miss on having the much-needed nutrition. However, a lot of it can be compensated using quick methods, such a bottle juicers. Just in case, if your friend is a coffee or tea-lover, gift them this temperature control mug, without being worried for the time needed to heat it.

Wireless Power Bank:

Our dependence on smartphones cannot be ignored, and given the hectic schedules, we always need to have charge in the phone, without having the time to wait for it being charged. While powerbanks have eased this task to some extent, it is sometimes difficult to connect the perfect wire cable. To make this better, gift your friend a wireless power bank, which charges using steam.

Sleep and Wake Up Light:

Does your friend hate to wake up in the morning, and always creates a fuzz about it? Well, in that case, this might be a perfect gift for them. The alarm clock/light gradually brightens to mimic natural sunlight, which makes it easier for people to get up and crawl out of bed in the morning.

Wireless Noise Canceling earphones:

This might be the perfect gift for your buddy who hates having people around and avoid having conversation every now and then. The wireless noise-canceling headphones last up to 30 hours, and can help your friend listen without interruption.