Saturday , 4 February 2023
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How to experiment different looks with sweatpants

Sweatpants, which was not given much significance as a fashion item, or didn’t find much importance in the wardrobe, has again found its way into the fashion. It is mainly due to the sporting fashion influences laid by the London Olympics in 2012. The sweatpants, which was a major sports wear has found its way into men’s fashion designs in the sporting fashion oriented market.

Now, the sweatpants were considered as fit for wearing at homes and gyms only and it didn’t have any role in outdoor looks. But with the revolution of fashion ideas and rise of the sports fashion items into the various looks, the sweatpants have also made its way into fashion designs and there are a lot of dresses which can go well with them. Let us take a look at the style ideas you can try out with a pair of sweat pants. You can easily experiment with these looks.

The style ideas to try out with a pair of sweat pants

First look

Firstly, you must remember one thing that sweat pants are always part of the casual dressing. They come with ultimate comfort and have some awesome cool things about them. So, you have got to keep the rest of the dress like that, casual. But in any ways, the dress should not look sloppy, keep this in mind.

You can pair up your sweat pants with some stylish tees and if required, a coat or jacket on it if the weather is more on the chillier side. The footwear should be chosen smartly and they should be such that they don’t get drenched in the sweat. Any casual foot wear should look cool with the sweat pants and its best if it is any leather boot or any kind of the desert boots. Try to pick any one from the sporting brands. You can basically have a go anywhere looks. It will obviously look cool and will definite be better than the traditional casual styles.

The sweat pants are far better than the track suites of any sports brand. In fact, they are comfortable, cool and yet stylish. The modern ones with a tapered leg and slimmer cuts or the cuffed ones with an elastic hem are more stylish. In fact, they prevent the pooling of the sweat after any work out or sports training as well. The length of the sweat pants should be till above the shoes or just a bit above that.

Second look

Although the sweat pants need not be confined strictly as a sports wear only, the primary importance still remains as a sports wear or a gym wear. In fact, you can pair it up with any sneakers and some sports clothing and can make an awesome gym wear. A polo shirt on top or may be a hooded tee along with a leather or even any other sports bag will make it a super cool gym wear.

Third look

Ever thought of sporting a knitted blazer with your sweat pants? Well, you can completely change the sweat pant rules with it. Just pair it up with a light colored shirt or tees (preferably white). As for the footwear, a pair of high top trainers will go perfect with the casual look.

Fourth look

Well, your sweat pants can also be an awesome winter wear. You can pair it up with any roll neck full sleeves or any sweat shirts or any jacket. For footwear, go for any heavy boots. And along with that, some accessories like the knitted gloves will also serve good to keep out cold.

So, you can try out these looks with your pair of sweat pants. Try to keep it simple at the beginning and if they work, try some new variations as well.