Sunday , 7 June 2020
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How to Introduce a New Member to Your Rummy Club?

Every good rummy player wishes to be a part of the rummy clubs in the locality. However, in the beginning, every new member is quite hesitant. He does not know the other members of the club or the norms. This worries him at the start. That is why we have listed out a few tips that will help you introduce a new member to your rummy club whole heartedly:

Conduct a Round of Introductions

A person who has just joined your rummy club will not know many people around. You need to conduct a round of introductions to help him understand and know everyone well. Let everyone around know that they will have a new member join their Indian Rummy sessions. Let there be information chat sessions with casual questioning to help the new member get familiarised with club members.

Explain the Goal of the Rummy Club

Every club has its unique goals that it pursues. When all members of the club adhere to the goal, the clubs succeed in achieving its ends. When you introduce a new member to the rummy games club, you should also acquaint him with the specific goals of the club. He should be able to identify with the goals of the club to feel comfortable.

Share Information Regarding the Norms of the Club

There are some specific norms observed by each club. A reputed rummy club is no exception to this rule. The time of opening, the time of closing, the time to start gaming and the way the games are conducted are all new to a new member. Take time to explain to the new member all about playing rummy in the club.

Tell the New Member About Events that will be Conducted

The clubs run regular events so that all members come together. These could be interesting rummy tournaments or simply rummy parties with food, drinks and extravaganza. People enjoy having such parties and meeting up with new people in rummy circles. You need to share all such information with your members. In the past, posters were distributed but today, modern clubs have their own apps. They update all information regarding probable events on the apps and social pages to keep people informed. This ensures that all members get to participate without missing a single event.

Ask for Suggestions to Make the Club Better

A new member may have his new ideas and suggestions for the club. Do ask if they think there are ways to better the club. Take such suggestions given by new members seriously and act on them if there is a scope to improve. When you take suggestions of new members seriously, they will surely appreciate this and also provide better inputs in future. This will help the club in many ways.

To keep a rummy club active, you need to come up with new ways to interact with the members in the club. You may come up with social media pages. You may also play rummy online with the members on the Khelplay Rummy app. You may share information related to rummy on Facebook and WhatsApp pages. Maintaining a rummy club will require constant efforts from you and from the members of the club.