Wednesday , 25 November 2020
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Jobs for blockchain developers

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One of the most popular tech-based buzzwords that have been doing the rounds for the past few months is blockchain. There are many industries that are looking to adopt blockchain technology to ensure that they can cut their operational costs and ensure that they can transact faster. The blockchain technology also allows companies to secure records in a manner where it cannot be infiltrated.

Ever since blockchain has picked up, there have been thousands of companies who are looking for workers to employ. Some of the biggest corporates in the world, including the likes of IBM and Microsoft, are on the lookout for individuals who have the ability to work with blockchain and further the scope of this technology.

Here are some of the best blockchain-based jobs that one can look out for after they do their big data certification:

  1. Blockchain manager

For companies interested in working with blockchain technology, project managers will be the ones who can drive these exciting developments. They will have to facilitate these projects to get more orders and clients at the same time. The manager will also play the role of translating a company’s requirements into technical language, and more straightforward, more understandable English.  Also, all end-to-end supervision and execution of projects will have to be overseen by them.

  1. Blockchain developer

Developers have the best chance of having a lucrative career in the blockchain industry. They are the ones who will have to improve efficiency, speed and create platforms that can support their code. Different skills are required for blockchain developers including Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, MVC, AJAX, SQC, C++ and more.

  1. Quality Engineer

Quality engineers in the blockchain domain are the ones responsible for all sorts of quality checks in the development environment. These include automation frameworks, tests in addition to dashboards and manual testing as well. They are also responsible for the planning of projects, in addition to developing and applying standards of control.

  1. Blockchain law attorney

Attorneys working in the tech sector have a lot of potential to grow because newer clients are being added every day. They will need someone with sound knowledge on structuring ICOs and governing them. Other roles also include helping companies launch fintech and blockchain projects at the same time. Legal professionals will also help these companies navigate loopholes as the technology advances.

  1. Designer

Designers will be the ones responsible for ideating and formulating websites that help customers understand what requirements they need in the blockchain space. They will help them create properties that explain their business better and also help out in UI designs.

Professionals in this space will need a basic to advanced understanding of design for corporate andblockchain while also working in tandem with the other members of the team in sectors such as operations, content and advertising.

Thus, for those interested, blockchain provides a world of opportunities that are just waiting to be explored. Begin a blockchain developer course now and secure a future in one of the more exciting tech prospects in the next decade or so.