Thursday , 26 January 2023
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Be Like A Greek God With Just A Pull-Up Bar

Everyone wishes to have a physique like a model or a sportsperson. Those toned abs, the brawny muscles, all of these are extremely desired and longed for. A good physique provides the required confidence and a fit shape separates from the crowd. It helps to put a good impression on someone and portrays activeness and energy. Although working out in a high equipped gym is quite intriguing, but at times, attaining this physique rather becomes costly. Still there are certain exercises that can also give the desired results even inside the comfort of one’s own house as well.

Pull-up bars are an example of the gears that are very affordable but are highly fruitful in gaining those muscles you wish for. Generally these are staple gym equipments which are readily available and can be setup in one’s room. Pull-up bars are designed not just for pull ups but for a wide plethora of workouts. With some proper techniques and a few basic add-ons, one can work on various targets to build their muscles and core strength.

Some of the exercise that one can perform using a pull-up bar to build up their physique are given below:

The Classic Old “Pull-Ups”

This isn’t a surprise at all, but then this is one of the most vital and fruitful exercise one can perform to build up their physique. One while performing pull-ups basically work on their back muscles but these simple pull-ups are also very useful to develop the biceps muscles and the core body strength once the posture and form improves. To do one, a person must hang on to the bar with straight elbows with the palms facing towards the direction ahead. Then with the chest lifted and shoulders down, one is required to pull their body up so that the chest touches the bar. There are many variations too, like flex hangs, jumping pull-ups and more.

The Fancy “Burpee Pull-Ups”

These are like the modified fancy version of the same old pull-up exercises that work on one’s pull up rate and heart rate. To perform this exercise one needs to stand in front of a pull up bar following with a squat to a full pushup which proceeds on to a jump and concludes with a pull-up. The difficulty increases with the height of the pull-up bar.

The All Rounder “Chin-Ups”

This exercise mainly focuses on developing one’s biceps and back muscles. This also helps in working out the whole body as the whole body requires to be pulled up thus making this an all round exercise. It starts with a dead hang from the bar with straight elbows and the palms facing towards one’s back, then with chest lifted up and shoulders pushed back one lifts up his entire boy until the chest hits the bar and drops down to the starting point. Similar to the pull-ups one can also modify the chin-ups with flex hangs and jumping chin-ups to higher the difficulty levels.

Level Up With “The Hanging Knee Raises”

This exercise helps to prepare for the much more difficult exercises like hanging leg rises and L-sits. To perform this exercise one needs a bar high enough so that the feet clear the ground. It starts with a jump to grab the bar with the hands apart at a shoulders width with the palms facing towards self. The shoulder is then pushed down as the body forms a straight line. Then with the legs kept joined and straight they are lifted up as the chest is pushed down squeezing the abdomen. From here the body again goes back to the hanging position and the exercise is repeated again. If the bar is low, then one needs to keep their legs bent the whole time.

The Abdomen Shaper “Knee To Elbows”

People familiar to cross-fit will be aware of this exercise. This exercise is very fruitful but a few repetitions of these will give a burning sensation in the abs. this exercise helps in toning of abdomen muscles and fetches one the packs they dreamt of. It starts with the dead hang and the palms facing away, leading on to gently swinging of legs to lifting one’s knee to touch their elbows. Again the legs are lowered and the exercise is repeated.

The Game Changer “L-Sits”

This is seriously the next level of workouts using a pull-up bar. One is required to be at the dead hang position at the start with the palms facing their body. Then from the straight tight position, the legs are bent while being joined such that they are parallel to the floor. For better results, hang as low as possible while doing the L-sits.

The Ultimate “Muscle-Ups”

Finally arrives the godfather of all pull-up bar exercises. This exercise regime is considered to be the most difficult pull-up bar exercise. It starts with the starting position of a pull-up followed by a pull up to a further push such that the bar is around one’s hips. Then the body is lowered in a controlled manner. This is the most complete exercise for the upper body and generally helps in developing all the major upper body muscles and core strength.

These are a few of the normal workouts one can perform to attain the Greek god like physique all desire for. With a balanced diet and these exercises one can easily develop their fitness and muscles within the walls of their own homes. But one thing should be kept in mind. None of these exercises or any tips provided are magical tricks, they are not expected to show result in a matter of minutes. One is required to be persistent and patient enough to develop a physique that others will look up to.