Friday , 24 September 2021
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This Maruti Baleno owner just celebrated Valentine’s with his car!

Satyaprakash Pandey from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh really loves his car, so much so that his car was his Valentine. Satyaprakash is a proud owner of a Maruti Baleno, a premium B-segment hatchback that has been responsible for shattering all the previous records in its segment. While we have been busy trying to woo that ‘special someone’ in our lives, Satyaprakash went ahead and celebrated this Valentine’s with one of his most prized possession – the Maruti Baleno.

maruti baleno valentines dayimages

In a setting befitting a perfect date, he stood in front of his baby and proposed love to the pretty white car whilst offering her a bouquet of red roses as a token of love. He made sure to photograph this memorable scene and even posted the snaps on a dedicated group for Maruti Baleno owners on Facebook. He uploaded these images with an apt caption – ‘Love is Just Love, It Can Never Be Explained’. He has also written – ‘If I have Feelings, I would have the for You’.

maruti baleno valentines dayimages

Well, we can’t agree more. There have been numerous instances of a man loving his machine more than his human relations. We’ve often seen people giving pet names to their cars and motorcycles. Heck, even I can’t stop treating my own car like I treat my better-half. It’s really true that many of the man-machine bonds are made in heaven.

We spend years, at times, even decades, with our cars. Mostly, our cars serve us with a high degree of reliability. Hence, it’s only obvious for a man to reciprocate thru showering his/her vehicle with a lot of love and affection. What do you think? Do you love your car the way this Baleno owner does? Or do you find it all a bit too dramatic? Do tell us what you think of this ‘car love’ taken to the next level.

maruti baleno valentines dayimages

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