Saturday , 4 February 2023
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Me-PEN Stylus Memory For Apple Devices Hits Kickstarter: Create, Save And Share More Easily

ME-PEN Stylus Memory

A new Kickstarter campaign presents the Me-PEN stylus, a tool that allows drawing on both paper and iOS devices, while saving storage space on your handset or tablet.

The stylus can handle amateur and professional sketching, and has a premium build featuring an aluminum body, a USB stick, and more.

The non-scribbling end of the Me-PEN stylus contains a detachable flash drive of 16 GB or 32 GB, where you can store all the designs and sketches you did on your iPhone or iPad.

The crowdfunding campaign aims to collect $25,000 in a period of 30 days, allowing the gadget to enter volume production.

“Save your imagination and share it,” notes the Me-PEN team.

As tablets and smartphones become increasingly connected to our personal and professional lives, it is common to see people drawing and writing notes on such devices on the fly. From full grocery lists to automotive concepts, we use our mobile devices to keep track of our plans and ideas. As these ideas bundle up, they take more and more storage space on our devices. The Me-PEN is a solution to the short space problem, as it allows users to save their newly crafted files on a detachable USB stick.

What do you get for backing the Me-PEN on Kickstarter? First off, a number of early backers will get the final product for $35, which seems to be under its predicted market value.

The gadget has a number of neat features, such as:

– Xpress Flash iOS App for iPhone, iPad or iPod, granting access to quick and intuitive file management

– An extra easy to use Flash memory stick sporting 16 GB or 32 GB

– The interchangeable pen module, allowing you to shift quickly between the ballpoint pen and Stylus OR

– A capacitive Stylus nib featuring great sensitivity

– A Pilot G2 Ballpoint Pen Refill Cartridge, for those who want to take traditional notes on actual paper

– Barrel Option for Machined Aluminum or Electro-conductive Plastic

– A chassis made of top quality aluminum for the memory stick

– Apple MFi Certification, stating that the components are authentic and the materials are of high-quality