Saturday , 4 February 2023
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Samsung Gear VR Hits Canada In Limited Quantities, Already On Backorder: Where To Buy

Samsung Gear VR

The affordable Gear VR HMD, which works with the latest generation of Galaxy handsets, is the result of a joint effort from Samsung and Oculus. After launching in the U.S. a little while back, the headset finally reached Canadian stores as well.

Last month, the device entered stores in the United States, but technology enthusiasts from Canada had to sit tight another couple of weeks for the chance to order it.

The wait is over for them, as the Gear VR can be purchased in the Great White North from vendors such as The Source, Samsung Experience stores or Best Buy.

If the United States price point for the wearable gadget was $99.99 when it launched, Canadians have to shell out CAD$139.99, due to the exchange rate.

More not-so-stellar news come in form of the product’s short supply: Best Buy said that quantities are limited, and the inventory of The Source lists the Gear VR as being “on backorder.” This means that if you order your virtual reality headset now, the device ships to your location by Dec. 16.

On the bright side, you could spend Christmas wearing a rain deer hat and the Samsung Gear VR HMD, making for a really funny and/or awkward family photo.

Among the advantages of using a Samsung Gear VR are: playing engaging games, watching movie classics undisturbed, socializing with friends, and more. The gadget can immerse you right into the entertainment of your choice.

It should be noted that the two developing companies, Samsung and Oculus, designed the wearable to be extremely comfortable, portable, and simple to install. It plays nice with the latest generation of Samsung phones, which means that if you own a Samsung Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge+ or a Samsung S6 Edge, you are good to go.

The sensors on the Gear VR help it understand your head-movements, granting great gameplay experiences. The number of titles available increases each month, and you can get them all in the Oculus store.

The design team took special care to ensure that the headset can be used by people wearing eyeglasses, thus enlarging the potential user base.

Virtual Reality experiences are ready for you in trailers, movies or clips that tap into Oculus video technology. You may choose your environment and get a truly immersive atmosphere, whether you choose the moon’s surface, a movie theatre or a tropical jungle.

Oculus Video features apps that provide instant access to Netflix (requires membership), Vimeo and Twitch, as well as to more than 1 million short videos and clips.