Friday , 27 January 2023
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Microsoft, Qualcomm Join Rebranded Internet of Things Club

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A bevy of leading tech vendors have allied to ensure that the billions of devices comprising the Internet of things can talk to each other and work together “seamlessly.”

If that verbiage describing the new Open Connectivity Foundation sounds familiar, it’s because you have heard it before, at least if you were paying attention in July 2014 when Samsung, Intel, and others backed the Open Interconnect Consortium to make sure the billions of devices comprising … You get the drift.

So, what happened in the interim is that Microsoft MSFT -0.71% , Qualcomm QCOM 0.69% , and Electrolux ELUXY 0.90% , all giants in their own areas, joined the OIC effort, and on Friday, it was officially reborn with a new name. Magic!

Clearly these were big name additions. (There was also one big name subtraction: OIC founding member Broadcom soon left the consortium, reportedly over concerns over how intellectual property would be handled.)

Microsoft is making a big Internet of things push both with its Azure cloud—a place to aggregate and crunch all that diverse data—and with Windows 10. Qualcomm is the market leader in smartphone chips and would like to expand into other devices as well. Electrolux is a leading maker of household appliances.