Friday , 27 January 2023
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What does your mobile’s ‘airplane mode’ actually do? Why it’s important to use it during flight? Find out


What does your mobile's 'airplane mode' actually do? Why it's important to use it during flight? Find out

Image- Anurag Kumar/ABP Live

New Delhi: When you board a flight you are told to put your cell phone on ‘flight mode’ or switch it off-but why?

Many people think that aeroplane will fall out of the sky if their phones are switched on. However, this isn’t true. But still, the real reason is significant.

Mobile phones do interfere with electronics but just not the way we think, says a pilot’s blog on

Actually, mobile phone’s signal cause interference on the aircraft’s radios, which pilots can then hear in their headphones.

It is the same kind of noise which you’ll be able to listen if you put your mobile too close to a speaker.