Saturday , 27 February 2021
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Order food online apps a must in today’s time

As a child growing up in a traditional south Indian family hailing from Andhra Pradesh, I heard stories from my grandfather about his various travels. He was a merchant dealing with oil seeds. His business took him to every part of India. All this travel added to the richness of his experiences, which he diligently translated into his stories. We as children would sit in rapt attention listening to these stories. One aspect from his stories would be the food my grandmother packed to survive the travel and still be edible. Those were not the days of order food online apps.

Technology is definitely a boon. There is no doubt about it. Even if there is an iota of doubt, one conversation with any South Indian bachelor/bachelorette staying away from home, say in a place like Delhi will put the doubts to rest. If there was no order food online in Delhi as an option, I really wonder how many Southies will survive in the North.

I sometimes wonder at the possibilities that could have been unearthed if the generation from grandfather had access to such technology. I am sure; my grandfather would have travelled a lot more light. He would have then told us tales of how food manifested just at the click of a button! So in a way, order food online apps are a big blessing to all food lovers, South or North of India, it really doesn’t matter.

Come to think of it, places like Gurgaon, Bangalore or Hyderabad for that matter, are teeming with so many non-residents, thanks to the current job market.  A Hyderabadi friend of mine, says in a joking manner that all the latest extensions to Hyderabad’s current geography is purely because of all these non-residents. People have been able to take up jobs away from home and live comfortably because of access to food they love. One can always argue that this doesn’t apply to someone who knows how to cook, but the truth is, even a person who loves to cook, will want to order food online occasionally. Why not?! Everyone deserves a break.

Online food ordering has become simple, effortless and more importantly super reliable. Food aggregators have made it easier for the customer. I am sure for someone in the business of food, this is the best of the times to live in. Thanks to social media, one can just focus on quality food, the advertising will follow. Hungry customers who become happy with good food do not hesitate to talk about it in their social media channels. Infact, they promote it with full gusto.

Advancements in technology and machine learning have also made it easier for the customers. If you order food online in Delhi or you place an order for something you like elsewhere, leave it to the machines to figure out your eating patterns. You will be pleasantly surprised to note that the next time you login to order food online, you will be suggested menu options of your liking. I mean, all these things happening around us makes me ready for my grandchildren with stories of utter amazement regarding manifesting food online!