Friday , 25 May 2018
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Pet Sitting: Make Money with your Lifestyle

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For animal lovers looking for additional income or a new business venture, pet sitting is the new go-to job to fill in the gaps in your monthly budget or start a new career.  Pet sitting has moved beyond the days of watching your neighbor’s dog for the weekend and into a money-making business that fits your lifestyle. makes it easy to get started with a network of thousands of pet owners searching for pet sitters across the country.  You’re not building this business from scratch; you’re tapping into a community of resources that you can customize.

A schedule that fits your life.

Whether you simply want side income or you’re ready to launch a new business, you determine your schedule.  You’ll create a profile page on to post your availability.  Work as much or as little as fits your life.  Set your schedule to be a pet sitter on the weekends if your work week is packed or set a wide open schedule if you’re flexible and ready for a full-time business.  Pet owners see your schedule online and book you accordingly.

A lifestyle that you define.

Choose the type of pet care you want to offer.  With, pet owners can search for a variety of services including pet sitters who are available for dog walks, drop-in visits, day care, house sitting in the owner’s home, or boarding pets in the sitter’s home.  As a pet sitter, you decide which services work for you.  If your life at home can’t accommodate boarding a dog at your place, offer pet care services that allow you to work at the owner’s home for drop in visits, dog walks, and overnight stays.  Enjoy the dog park as your new office space or take your doggie clients for a hike.  Your new pet sitting lifestyle includes plenty of outside time.

A pay rate that matches your needs.

Once you’ve decided what pet care services you’re providing, determine the pay rate that is a match for each service. Overnight stays are often worth more than quick drop in visits.  Consider your own time and energy as well as the fair rates according to your location.  Check out other pet sitter profiles in your area to get an idea of the rates available for pet owners.  You’ll ultimately get to pick the rate that suits you and your budget.  

A clientele that loves you.

What’s the best part of this job?  The clients.  When you arrive, their tails are wagging.  You’ll quickly become known as the human who brings playtime and treats — enjoy every minute of it!  After playtime, it’s pure puppy love or kitty snuggle time.  If the rest of your life is stressful, this job can be your respite.  When the pets are happy so are their owners.  This is a feel-good job!

Learn more or get started with your online profile at  We look forward to including you in Rover community!