Wednesday , 17 August 2022
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Sailfish OS For Sony Xperia X Arrives September

The Sony Xperia X will get Sailfish OS in Setpember…for a price

Sony’s continued partnership with Jolla is about to yield another smartphone with support for the Sailfish OS; the Xperia X is going to be getting access to Sailfish OS next month, September.

The software package, dubbed Sailfish X, will be available from September 27; it won’t be free, mind you, as anyone who wants to opt-in for it will have to pay €49.90.

Although it will be available from that point, Jolla states that it’s not a finished build yet; certain features, though already built-into the software, are not finalised or officially supported and will need subsequent patching for them to become fully operational. This includes fingerprint scanner functionality, Bluetooth, sensors including the barometer and step counter, and FM Radio support.

Jolla says it has streamlined the install to make it easier, although this is still something that will require you to use a Linux PC and some understanding of the OS command line.

The software will be available in the EU, Norway, Switzerland. A release in the US and Canada is expected, but Jolla has not confirmed anything just yet.