Sunday , 7 June 2020
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Summer Projects for School Custodians

Ah, summertime. There really is nothing like the smell of freshly-cut grass and the view of clear blue skies. As a school district custodian, the added bonus of summertime is that nearly the entire school is empty for the duration of the workday. Take advantage of these clear hallways and classrooms and take care of the spots that are unreachable during normal school hours. Whether the students notice or not, having a clean school is a point of pride.


Give all carpets a good shampooing during the summer with a commercial-sized carpet cleaner. Go over them first with warm water and vinegar to draw out the dirt, then a second time to clean them with soap. Go over all hard floors too, using the appropriate tools and custodial supplies so as not to damage them. Repair any areas that are cracked, coming apart, or otherwise damaged.

Replace Light Bulbs and Clean Light Fixtures

Have teams of two go classroom to classroom taking care of lights. Use the tallest ladder to reach the light fixtures, giving them a cleaning. Replace any burnt-out bulbs with more energy-efficient varieties. Working in teams not only makes the job go by faster, but it ensures safety too.

Power Wash Patios and Sidewalks

The hottest days of summer are perfect for this job. Lather up in sunscreen and use a power washing tool on the concrete areas of the school. Go between the cracks to get rid of any built-up moss, taking care to blast off any other leftover residue from the school year. It’s a slow job, but there’s something so gratifying about it.

With barely any staff or students to look out for during those three months of summer break, summertime is a school custodian’s dream. It’s the perfect time to check those much-needed to-do items off the list.