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How to Start a Blog on Blogger in 2022

In the future, Blogger will continue to evolve and expand with new features and functionality, including more ways to control and customize your content while giving you even more ways to promote your content. You will also have the opportunity to earn money by running ads on your blog, and many of the improvements are driven by your feedback. Blogger is a ... Read More »

React.JS and React Native: Explore the Best Alternatives in 2022

React is a popular JavaScript library densely used to develop user interfaces. It was released in March 2013. React was first intended for developing websites only. However, now, there’s an additional platform used for the development of applications. React seems to be the ideal tool for building scalable web applications, especially when the app is a SPA (single page application). ... Read More »

15 Best Smartphones for Blogging in 2022 [With Dos and Don’ts]

Smart phone blogging is growing rapidly. If you’re looking for the BEST smartphones for blogging, you’re in the right place. Blogging used to be a pretty standard exercise. In between tasks at work, we’d write posts, both long and short, and then post them immediately. But that was 10 years ago. Now, smart phone blogging is ruling. In the last ... Read More »