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Why Hidden ‘Darknets’ Are More Resilient to Attacks Than the Internet

Darknets — the often seamy counterparts of the internet that are accessible only through special programs that help to ensure privacy and anonymity — may be far more resilient to attack than the internet, a new study finds. Darknets are computer networks of hidden services. The most popular darknet, and the one that most people think of, is the Tor ... Read More »

This Malware Is Targeting Attacks on Mobile Devices

As you likely already know, the number of mobile users continues to grow, and search engines have become increasingly mobile-focused/inclusive. As search engines adapt and account for the shift in user behavior to mobile, so do websites and advertisers. And as websites and advertisers optimize and adapt their strategy to target mobile platforms, so do hackers. The Mobile Malware Problem ... Read More »

The Most Effective Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Attacks

Okay, I’m going to start with a question. What would happen if a hacker decided to launch a cyber attack against your business? Would they be successful? Would they easily gain access to your company’s sensitive information? Or would their attempt fall flat? Believe it or not, cyber security isn’t just a concern for large businesses. It’s something that small ... Read More »

HTML5-based mobile apps vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks: Experts

HTML5-based mobile apps vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks: Experts As you are busy sending SMSs, reading emails or listening to music on your smart phone, do you realise that these simple things can get your smart phone infected with ‘worms’ that can not only steal personal information from your phone, but also infect your friends’s phones? Sound scary? You can ... Read More »

Google Warning Journalists, Professors About State-Sponsored Attacks on Their Accounts

HIGHLIGHTS Google’s spokesperson says that the warnings might have been delayed Google says attackers were backed by government Google has suggested measures to enhance account security Certain public figures including notable journalists and professors from the US have reportedly started receiving security warnings by Google that says that their accounts were under attack by government-backed attackers. The notable personalities among ... Read More »

Solar Powered Startup Provides Protection Against Lion Attacks

How do you stop a lion from attacking your farm animals? If this isn’t a problem you encounter often, then you probably weren’t aware that bright lights help keep the predatory animals away at night. But it is a problem for farmers in rural Africa – and so is getting electricity to their homes. Until recently, one of the only ... Read More »

Arun Jaitley Attacks Amarinder Singh Over His Family’s Alleged Foreign Accounts

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley addressing ‘Vikas Parv’ rally in Bathinda in the Malwa region of Punjab organised to mark the completion of NDA government’s two years in office. (PTI photo) BATHINDA:  Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today attacked Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh over his family’s alleged foreign accounts and also took a dig at Aam Aadmi Party, which he ... Read More »

nameless attacks Greek critical financial institution, Warns Others

Greece’s relevant financial institution became the goal of a cyber-attack via activist hacking institutionanonymous on Tuesday which disrupted provider of its website, a bank of Greece reputable said on Wednesday. “The attack lasted for a few minutes and changed into efficiently tackled with the aid of the financial institution‘s safety structures. The simplest component that became tormented by the denial-of-carrierattack ... Read More »