Monday , 17 June 2019
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Pioneering global framework for sustainable ocean finance launched at Our Ocean global summit

The world’s first global framework to finance a sustainable ocean economy was launched at the Our Ocean conference today. The Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles were developed by the European Commission, WWF, World Resources Institute (WRI), and the European Investment Bank (EIB). Started as a commitment by a dozen financial institutions and key stakeholders just a year ago, they are ... Read More »

GreenWeb Framework geared toward growing electricity-green net: study

Researchers from the college of Texas at Austin, have advanced a new, open-source laptop programming framework “GreenWeb” that allows humans to shop greater battery power while browsing on celldevices. advanced through electrical and pc engineering professor Vijay Janapa Reddi and graduate pupil Yuhao Zhu, GreenWeb is a fixed of net programming language extensions that permit web builders to have extraflexibility ... Read More »