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Will 18 pc GST on sports education be a death knell for investments in the sector?

“India has huge potential in sports. It is a sports loving country. We have no shortage of talent. But we need to provide the right kind of opportunity and create an ecosystem to nurture the talent. A strong sporting culture can help the growth of a sporting economy,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on June 15, 2017, while inaugurating the ... Read More »

Bring sports, education under one umbrella: K.P. Rao

VIJAYAWADA: Senior sports administrator K.P. Rao on Thursday said that Andhra Pradesh Government’s decision to merge sports and youth under one department, as per suggestions of made by officials of the youth department, will not augur well for sports and games. He said world over in several developed countries sports and education were brought under one umbrella. “Sports is part ... Read More »

Why New Zealand Is Perfect for Sports Lovers

New Zealand has long been a highly tempting destination for people looking to start a new life in a friendly, welcoming country. There are many different factors that make this such a tremendous country to live in. Among them we can see that this is a brilliant spot for people who enjoy a sporting lifestyle. Hiking and Cycling Possibilities The ... Read More »