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Facebook team working on brain-powered technology

Facebook says it is working on technology to allow us to control computers directly with our brains. It is developing “silent speech” software to allow people to type at a rate of 100 words per minute, it says. The project, in its early stages, will require new technology to detect brainwaves without needing invasive surgery. “We are not talking about ... Read More »

Hugo Barra Is Leaving Xiaomi to Join Facebook’s Oculus Team ‘To Lead All VR Efforts’

HIGHLIGHTS Mark Zuckerberg announced the move via Facebook Barra announced his departure from Xiaomi earlier this week Zuck says VR and AR ‘will be the next major computing platform’ Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s Global Vice President who said earlier this week he is leaving the Chinese company to head back to the Silicon Valley, is joining Facebook to lead the Oculus ... Read More »

How to improve the performance of your sales team

Not getting an inspired performance from your sales team lately? There are a number of ways that you can improve results, from rethinking the way you do your targets for the month to putting more effort into motivating your people properly. Mark Stiffler built his business on improving the performance of sales teams in companies worldwide; while he has retired ... Read More »

Write Better Job Descriptions And Build A Stronger Team

Is your job description helping you attract the right people? Or is it too vanilla to get you what you need? The passionate and opinionated authors of The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, Al Ries and Laura Ries, say: “In business there is never only one way to do anything.” It’s true we have choices: To market primarily online or ... Read More »

How to Hire the Best Team

What should you look for when hiring? Whether you are looking to hire an entry level employee or an experienced CEO like Patrick Imbardelli here are some tips on how to hire the best team regardless of your industry. Attitude Attitude is something that cannot be taught. Look at your candidate’s work history, what kind of jobs have they had? ... Read More »

Maneka Gandhi Meets Twitter Team to Curb Harassment of Women

In a bid to address the issue of harassment of women on social media platforms, Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi met Twitter India team on Friday. A Ministry statement said that if any woman or child faces abusive behaviour or violent threats (direct or indirect) on social media platforms, they should report it to the Ministry. It was ... Read More »

Airtel, Singtel team Up For facts commercial enterprise In 325 towns Globally

New Delhi: Singapore Telecommunications and Bharti Airtel have joined palms to deliver excessive–pacestatistics community insurance across 325 cities in the Asia-Pacific, the middle-East, Africa, Europe andthe us beneath one community. “This affiliation will strongly beautify our price proposition for business enterprise customers viapresenting them a wider worldwide attain and the largest attain inside India underneath a unmarriedplatform,” Bharti Airtel Director, ... Read More »

Facebook’s AI Team Maps Earth to Beam Internet Access to All

Social networking giant Facebook is using its artificial intelligence (AI) technology and resources to map the entire Earth and launch the world’s most detailed population maps that will help it beam cheap Internet to remote areas. To begin with, the Facebook AI team crunched 14.6 billion images of maps from across 20 countries, including India, covering 21.6 million sq kms ... Read More »