Friday , 3 February 2023
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This Great ‘Wife Swap’ Parody Shows Just How Shit Australian Internet Is

Last year Akami’s State of the Internet report found that Australia has the 44th best internet connection speeds in the world; a fact which was routinely labelled by major news outlets as “embarrassing”. We were behind New Zealand, Japan, the US, Hong Kong, and pretty much all of Europe and Scandinavia, and not really surprised about any of it. This is a nation repeatedly told our connection is too shit for us to properly use streaming platforms and regularly denied access to pretty much everything good on the internet.

This sketch was released a couple of weeks ago as part of a petition to Communications Minister Mitch Fifield. Though not campaigning for a specific action or measure, the statement simply reads “it’s time for our lawmakers to get with the times”.

“We in Australia are discriminated against because of our geographical location. The system we are forced to operate in is outdated, expensive and slow. We at A.R.S.F.I.S.T strive to see and end to geo-blocking discrimination, we demand faster more affordable access to content and subscribe to the ideals of a free, fair and open internet.”

“You need to get this shit sorted or we have no chance of becoming the innovative country we know we can be, your ideas boom will become an ideas bust if you don’t speed us up.”