Tuesday , 7 February 2023
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How To Transfer Data From One System To Another

An iseries migration is the process of moving data from a legacy system, the IBM AS/400 to the latest technology available. This type of processing can be extremely complex, because obviously the coding is different and these systems cannot “talk” to each other directly and need some translation done for them. In most cases this is not a project that is easily undertaken by a business without extensive knowledge of these migrations.

Luckily, there are high-level information technology businesses which are well qualified to handle this type of data movement, and can do so smoothly and quickly. One such company is Infinite Corporation, a global IT Integrator, that has performed thousands of successful migrations since it was founded in 1975. Since then, the company has developed numerous software products to enable companies to transfer applications that were initially written in legacy code, like COBOL and RPG. Infinite offers service to migrate applications which were written for the IBM I (AS/400)and IBM System/36.

One product that Infinite has launched and tweaked as necessary to suit current business needs is the Infinite I Database Migration Tool; this product is for DB2 and IBM I (DB2/400) and allows you to easily complete a migration from IBM I, iSeries, and AS/400 to your MS SQL or Oracle environment. This product is part of Infinite’s solutions that are designed for simple integrations and migrations from one system to another.

When you plan to upgrade from your existing iSeries server to a newer system, the tasks involved can include many operating system upgrade steps and lots of components. Because the newest IBM i5 systems have many added features and functions, it is vital that each component is addressed and handled appropriately.

Unless your company has an IT department that has handled these types of data migrations before, it makes sense to reach out to someone with more experience for guidance. You might find that purchasing a software solution is adequate for your situation, or you might need additional assistance in getting it handled. Either way, be sure that you have support to get the process completed smoothly, without any down time for your computer systems.