Saturday , 4 February 2023
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What would Bernie Sanders think of your Internet speed?

Some Romanians took offense at a Bernie Sanders tweet and started a website for comparing Internet connection speeds.

Romanians are not feeling the “Bern.”

Some citizens of the Eastern European country took exception to a Tweet by the presidential hopeful this week.

“Today, people living in Bucharest, Romania have access to much faster Internet than most of the U.S.. That’s unacceptable and must change.”

Three young Romanians took the online buzz a step further.

“I was at the office and I saw his (Sanders’) tweet and all the reactions that came along and I thought what would Bernie think about my Internet speed since I have at home a 90 mbs?” Mihnea Gheorghiu said.

A half-hour later (too fast, Sanders?) Gheorghiu met with Bucharest entrepreneur Bogdan Savonea and programmer Mihai Pocorschi and was born.

The site allows users to check their speed against Romania’s average internet speed of 50 megabits per second.