Wednesday , 28 June 2017
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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin successfully tests reusable space rocket

  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said on Tuesday his space transportation company, Blue Origin, plans about two more years of test flights before it will offer rides to passengers. On Monday, Blue Origin successfully landed a suborbital rocket back at its launch site, a key step in its drive to make reusable rockets, the company said. “This flight retired a ... Read More »

Flyme 5 update for Meizu Pro 5 finally arrives

As expected, the Flyme 5 update for the Meizu Pro 5 flagship smartphone – which wasannounced with 5.7 inch display and Exynos 7420 chipset back in September this year – has finally arrived. While that’s certainly good news for Pro 5 owners, it’s worth mentioning that the update will not be available over-the-air (OTA) as it’s still in beta. This ... Read More »

Facebook to open source artificial intelligence technology

Facebook is releasing the designs of a new computer server for free – twice as fast as those used by Facebook earlier, it designed to put more power behind artificial-intelligence software, MIT Technology review reported. Facebook’s new server design, dubbed Big Sur, was created to power deep-learning software, which processes data using roughly simulated neurons. The invention of ways to ... Read More »

Technology Will Save Our Future, According To Japanese SF Author Taiyo Fujii

I’ve been increasingly interested in translated science fiction novels, and one of the best ones that I picked up this year was Taiyo Fujii’s debut Gene Mapper. Gene Mapper takes place in a future where augmented reality and genetic engineering is commonplace. When a freelance gene mapper named Hayashida finds that a project that he had worked on is collapsing, ... Read More »

3D technology to transform the future of consumer electronics

With smartphones, drones, automobiles, 3D printing and the Internet of thingsconverging to deliver novel high-tech concepts, the 3D technology will transform how consumer electronics are manufactured and consumed, according to Dassault Systemes — the world leader in 3D design software. “3D is going to transform how consumer electronics are manufactured and consumed in the coming years. We have been pushing ... Read More »

College Campuses Are The New Test Facilities For Emerging Technology

College campuses have long been sites of innovation and technology. Housing superior research and development facilities, a plethora of advisory resources and brilliant thinkers, higher-ed institutions are natural hubs for creating next-gen systems. We saw the first general purpose computer emerge from the University of Pennsylvania in 1946, the first retractable, locking seatbelt come from the University of Minnesota in ... Read More »

Otay Mesa border crossing launches testing of facial recognition technology

For the first time on the U.S. southern border, authorities are conducting facial and iris scans on foreigners entering the country, part of a congressionally mandated effort aimed at cracking down on those who remain in the United States with expired visas. Under a pilot program launched last week at the Otay Mesa port of entry, U.S. Customs and Border ... Read More »

CyanogenMod Releases Android 6.0 Marshmallow-Based CM13 Nightly Builds

The CyanogenMod community on Monday announced that CM13 nightly builds based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow are now available to download for select handsets. CM13 nightly builds are available for the OnePlus One (bacon), Nexus 7 (deb & flo), LG G4 (h815), Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 (mondrianwifi), LG GPad 7.0 (v400 & v410), LG G3 Verizon (vs985), and Moto X 2014 ... Read More »

Amazon Brings One-Hour Alcohol Delivery To Prime Customers In New York

Amazon has announced a new service that will allow users in Manhattan to order deliveries of beer, wine and spirits to be delivered within one hour through the Prime Now mobile app. Delivery within an hour will cost $7.99, however, those who are willing to wait a little longer won’t have to pay anything extra on top of the order ... Read More »

Nasa’s Latest Pluto Photos Reveal Snakeskin-Like Surface Features

New “snakeskin” mystifying images of Pluto sent by Nasa’s New Horizons probe have revealed a multitude of previously unseen topographic and compositional details. The images captures a vast rippling landscape of strange, aligned linear ridges that has astonished New Horizons team members. “It is a unique and perplexing landscape stretching over hundreds of miles,” said William McKinnon, New Horizons team’s ... Read More »