Friday , 27 January 2023
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Twitch’s new boost feature puts porn on the homepage

Twitch has paused its Boost Train feature, which launched last month and let people pay to promote streams, after porn ended up on users’ homepages with the label “promoted by the streamer’s community” slapped onto the NSFW thumbnails (via Kotaku). Several Twitter and Reddit users (NSFW links, by the way) shared screenshots of pornographic thumbnails that showed up at the front of their “Live channels ... Read More »

Sensor fusion is enabling the next wave of smart, autonomous robots

Autonomous robots – intelligent machines that sense and navigate without human control or intervention – are becoming part of our everyday lives. Through advances in sensor fusion – or combining data from multiple sensing modalities like TI mmWave radar on a processor – they’re improving the efficiency of e-commerce, unlocking productivity in factories and warehouses, performing last-mile delivery in cities, ... Read More »

Feel Good In 2022: Apps and Gadgets for A Happier You

To help you feel good about yourself in 2022, we’ve put together a handy guide with our favourite apps, gadgets and more. Relieve Anxiety with CBT and the Mindshift App If you find yourself being stalled by anxiety during your day, try Mindshift. This completely free app offers evidence-based anxiety relief. The app is built upon Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The ... Read More »

Top 10 Trending Technologies of 2020 and their Role in Shaping the Future

Introduction We see innovations in the field of IT software every now and then but there are few technologies that we saw in 2020 that have a greater potential to transform human experience the way humans interact with devices through digitization. Let’s Discuss Some Top Trends From 2020: Hyper Automation Robotic process automation is the beginning of hyper automation but ... Read More »

Blog Compass Is Google’s Latest App for India, Currently Available in Beta

Google on Friday announced the release of its latest Android app in India, Blog Compass. This new app aims to provide a one-stop shop for bloggers in the country, meant to help them track visitor information, engage readers, monitor search engine presence, and find new topics to write on regularly. The app is currently available in open beta and can be used ... Read More »

React.JS and React Native: Explore the Best Alternatives in 2022

React is a popular JavaScript library densely used to develop user interfaces. It was released in March 2013. React was first intended for developing websites only. However, now, there’s an additional platform used for the development of applications. React seems to be the ideal tool for building scalable web applications, especially when the app is a SPA (single page application). ... Read More »


Motorola has launched the new Moto Tab G20 tablet in India, which comes with near-stock Android 11 as its main highlight. It marks the company’s re-entry into the tablet segment in India. Moto Tab G20 price, features, specs The Moto Tab G20 comes with an eight-inch IPS LCD HD+ display with TDDI technology and is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Helio P22T ... Read More »

Tiipii Redefines The Art of Relaxation

Tiippii is an exciting outdoor furniture brand specialising in floating daybeds. Their beautifully crafted, teepee-inspired daybeds create a tranquil haven in any environment and are perfect for the most luxurious glamping getaway. With a focus on sustainability and quality materials, Tiipii’s daybeds are available for adults and children with a stylish array of earthy colours that will match any location, indoor ... Read More »

Data Busting: Take your assessments to the next level

Data Busting: Take your assessments to the next level Data is vital in the education setting – it provides insight into how pupils are progressing, what your biggest challenges are, and helps drive school improvement. However, data can sometimes get overlooked or misinterpreted. In order to effectively use data, you must improve your approach to assessment. In schools, assessment is ... Read More »

This Year, Slay the DDoS Monster in the Cloud

DDoS attacks are a sad reality for today’s organizations and businesses. While companies in larger economies are lucrative targets for malicious attackers, businesses around the world experience sophisticated DDoS attacks regardless of their products or services. In fact, legacy approaches of employing on-premises based hardware appliances for DDoS protection are outdated, as the DDoS attacks of today are bigger, more sophisticated, and ... Read More »