Thursday , 21 February 2019
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Effects of Digital India: How Digital Investing is changing India

Digital India drive is seemed to have worked in many areas – investing is no different. Today, investors are increasingly looking up to financial markets and are investing into it for good returns. Rural India, in particular, is leading the way. The numbers released by numerous financial apps do vindicate the same. IIFL Markets, one of the India’s most popular ... Read More »

Twitter stock falls over management departures

Twitter shares closed down almost 5% on Monday as a management exodus sparked investor concerns over unsettled leadership and stalled growth at the online social media company. Five high-level executives are leaving Twitter, less than four months after co-founder Jack Dorsey returned as CEO, without any publicly articulated plan to revive growth. “We don’t see how the departure of the ... Read More »

LeEco to set up over 5oo service centers across India

NEW DELHI: After launching, LeMax and Le 1S, LeEco has announced 555 service centers over 300 towns of the country.  The service centers will be available in 10 languages, including English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu 24X7 toll free.  The Chinese tech giant is also offering free pick-up and drop for its premium smartphone — ... Read More »

OnePlus One receives OxygenOS 2.1.4 update

NEW DELHI: Chinese handset maker OnePlus has released OxygenOS 2.1.4 for its first smartphone, OnePlus One.  In a blogpost, the company admitted that the device “was not getting its fair share of love” and announced that it has in “no way forgotten about the device that sent OnePlus into orbit.” OxygenOS 2.1.4 comes with a Dark Mode, and support for ... Read More »

New Method To Produce 3D Images Of Lungs Developed

For the first time, scientists have successfully produced 3D images showing oxygen and carbon dioxide transport in the lungs. (Representational Image) LONDON:  For the first time, scientists have successfully produced 3D images showing oxygen and carbon dioxide transport in the lungs, using a new method that could lead to better treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. ... Read More »

Bone Drug Can Protect Stem Cells From Ageing: Study

DNA damage is one of the most important mechanisms of ageing where stem cells lose their ability to maintain and repair the tissues in which they live and keep it working correctly. (Represetational Image) LONDON:  A drug currently used to treat patients with osteoporosis can protect stem cells from ageing, a breakthrough study has found. Scientists from the University of ... Read More »

NASA’s Mars Rover Spots Loads Of Silica, Bolsters Water Presence

Curiosity has been studying geological layers of Mount Sharp, going uphill, since 2014, after two years of productive work on the plains surrounding the mountain. WASHINGTON:  NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has found mysterious rocks rich in silica – a rock-forming chemical combining the elements silicon and oxygen and commonly seen on Earth as quartz. Curiosity spotted much higher concentrations of ... Read More »

AI Programmed to Learn at Human Speed

Researchers have created a computational model that enables artificial intelligence to learn the way humans do, according to an article published last week in the journal Science. The model gives AI the ability to recognize handwritten alphabetical characters as fast as humans can. While AI systems have been able to learn to spot patterns and make inferences from pictures and ... Read More »

Samsung’s S7 May Fall Just Shy of Innovation

The S7 also will have a USB Type-C port, which will make for faster charging; a camera optimized for low-light photography; and possibly a retina scanner and an external memory card slot in some versions, the report said. The camera lens will be flush with the back of the phone instead of bulging out as the Galaxy S6’s lens does. ... Read More »

Star Citizen’s Second Alpha Hurtles Past $100M Landmark

Racking in more than 200 times its original asking price, the crowdfunded space simulator Star Citizen earlier this week reached a landmark 100 million in backer dollars. At the same time, developer Cloud Imperium released version 2.0 of the game’s Alpha build. Alpha 2.0 is billed as the biggest Star Citizen update yet, as it features more pieces of Wing ... Read More »