Sunday , 20 May 2018
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First Serotonin Neurons Made From Human Stem Cells

The researchers showed that the neurons responded to some US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs that regulate depression and anxiety through the serotonin pathway. (Representational Image) WASHINGTON:  For the first time, researchers have used stem cells to create a specialised nerve cell that makes serotonin, a signalling chemical with a broad role in the brain. Serotonin affects emotions, sleep, ... Read More »

Nvidia Updates Shield Tablet, Shaves $100 Off Price

Nvidia on Tuesday revealed a refreshed Shield Tablet K1 and indicated that it isn’t done updating the gaming slate. One of the biggest parts of the refresh is a cut of US$100 off the price of the 16-GB tablet. The original Shield Tablet was available in a $299 16-GB version and a $399 32-GB variant. There’s also a new battery, ... Read More »

NASA Awards Space Robot R&D Projects to MIT, Northeastern

NASA on Tuesday announced it has awarded one R5 humanoid robot each toMIT and Northeastern University to conduct research on adapting them for use in space. The universities were selected from U.S. entries in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Robotics Challenge held in June. NASA seeks to engage a diverse and talented pool of engineers and scientists to develop ... Read More »

Dojo Stands Cybersecurity Guard for Smart Homes

Dojo-Labs on Thursday introduced Dojo, a device that plugs into the router of a home network and acts as a watchdog to ensure that everything connected to the network is operating on its best behavior. The device brings some of the advanced technologies used to protect corporate networks to the home. It can prevent attacks and detect intrusions by observing ... Read More »

Microsoft HoloLens, Volvo to Pioneer Augmented Car Showroom Experience

Microsoft HoloLens on Thursday announced a partnership with Volvo Cars to develop a new holographic technology that could change the way consumers experience auto showrooms. The tech would let potential buyers stay put in the physical world while experiencing an automobile in an entirely new way, suggested Scott Erickson, senior director of Microsoft HoloLens. Through augmented reality — utilizing Microsoft’s ... Read More »

Escape From Silicon Valley

My wife and I originally planned to escape to Belize but found the unreliable infrastructure, lack of good medical care, and massive crime problem there were not conducive to our continued survival. Instead of Paradise, Belize looked a lot like hell once we got a chance to spend some quality time there. Well, we reset and this summer moved to ... Read More »

A Dumb Watch Dock, a Smart VR Phone Case, and a Fantastic Fireball Thrower

Hello, and welcome to a fresh-out-the-oven edition of Gadget Dreams and Nightmares. the column that determines whether the latest gadget announcements are ready to serve or have to bake a little longer. Cooling on the window this week are an official Apple Watch dock, a mesh router system, a virtual reality smartphone case, and a wristband that can shoot fireballs. ... Read More »

New Tech Targets Enterprise Ransomware

Ransomware has been a scourge not only for consumers, but for the enterprise, too. The malicious software can be particularly nettlesome for enterprises because they have to protect so many endpoints — phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and servers. The company, which gained some notoriety when Netflix said it was ditching its antivirus software for SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection Platform, has a ... Read More »

Fitbit Amps Up Tracking Features

Fitbit on Monday announced the addition of PurePulse heart rate tracking and SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition to its Charge HR and Surge devices. The PurePulse monitoring will be activated whenever the devices are used in Exercise Mode, providing users with continuous, automatic tracking of heart rate trends over time without the need for a chest strap. SmartTrack will recognize select ... Read More »

Is This VR’s Mainstream Moment?

Samsung last week began fulfilling orders for its Oculus-power Gear VR headset, giving U.S. consumers their first taste of Oculus VR’s brand of virtual reality. International preorders have opened and have been expanding. It won’t be until early next year that Oculus VR begins shipping its full-featured Oculus Rift headset, but as a Gear VR collaborator, it has been touting ... Read More »