Monday , 17 January 2022
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New social media challenge encouraging teens to disappear

Image result for New social media challenge encouraging teens to disappearThere was the Tide Pod Challenge followed by the Bird Box Challenge and now the latest challenge circulating on social media has police and parents concerned.

It’s called the “48-Hour Missing Challenge,” and it’s just that. Teenagers are encouraging each other to go missing for 48 hours. The goal is to see if a missing post for them shows up on social media.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t imagine it could get worse,” said Officer John Lacy, Overland Park Police Department.

The challenge is circulating on Facebook. Lacy said it’s not only dangerous but could tie officers up during real emergencies.

“It’s taking resources away from the police department, you know, if we respond to your home, we’re going to actively look for your child, we’re going to think this person is missing and they really are not missing and it’s taking away resources,” said Lacy.

Currently, no reports have been filed in Overland Park, but parents should be aware of the challenge and know what their kids are doing on social media.

“You should know their password, you should know what type of apps are on their phone, things of that sort,” said Lacy.

Police said anyone that gets involved with the challenge could face charges for filing a false report.