Monday , 27 May 2019
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Samsung Commits to Using Only Renewable Energy by 2020

HIGHLIGHTS Samsung to install 42,000 square meters of solar panels this year Samsung is a major producer of computer chips South Korea gets 6 percent of its energy from renewable sources Samsung Electronics, the world’s biggest smartphone maker, has pledged to convert its operations in the United States, Europe and China to using only solar and other renewable energy by ... Read More »

Choice Home Warranty Reviews – The Ultimate Guide

Choice Home Warranty reviews can have you convinced of the excellent service we provide! We continue to prove that we stand amongst the most trusted home warranty providers in the market and this is because we provide coverage on factors which will not even be expected with a typical home insurance. Choice Home Warranty continues to compete in a market ... Read More »

EaseUS Makes Your Files Safe

Rational person always uses some kind of insurance in order to meet the future uncertainties which are bound to happen in life. A lot of contingencies have to be met in a person’s daily life as a person cannot predict his future in any case. Insurance decreases the risk factor regarding the important aspects of your life and this is ... Read More »

From Shallow to Deep Frying, This Is the Perfect Way to Cook Delicious Dishes

A modern-day kitchen looks incomplete if certain appliances are not a part and parcel of it. Women today juggle between home and office and so need these appliances to ease off their load a bit at least in the kitchen. One such must-have kitchen appliance is a deep fryer, which is easy to operate and maintain. Frying food in a conventional ... Read More »

Anker, America’s Favourite Charging Solutions Brand, Has Big Plans for the Indian Market

HIGHLIGHTS Anker Innovations formally entered India back in 2015 It is set to expand its presence via offline channels SoundCore range of audio products will launch in India this September India has been a significant market for smartphone vendors for a long time and with the swift growth of smartphones, the country has also recently been attracting smartphone accessory makers as well as companies ... Read More »

Our guide to make a biometric passport

The passport is an official document that identifies a person as a full individual when traveling outside their country of origin. To travel abroad, this paper is essential to prove his identity. Because of this, it is important to know the different steps to make a biometric passport. The records to be provided To apply for a biometric passport, you ... Read More »

7 ideas that will make you change your perception on unemployment

Does a job define a man? The curiosity of what a person does for a living is what makes the question keep on popping up between people who have just met. Many people believe men who don’t work are useless because they don’t seem to add significant value. In as much as men find their identity in employment, a job ... Read More »

Supporting the Workforce: Ensuring Your Field Workers are Safe and Satisfied on the Job

Working out in the field is a difficult task, especially when you work remotely on an oil rig or other offshore location. These jobs require many hours of dedicated work in an isolated region. As a business owner or manager, it’s your duty to ensure a safe and comfortable workplace. Get to know how you can support your workforce with ... Read More »

Audio Books or Traditional Books?

An In-Depth Comparison The Advancement of Technology Technology continues to advance in the twenty-first century at an astonishing rate, allowing for traditional hobbies to change drastically in how we enjoy ourselves when reading something as simple as a book. With our mobile devices and tablets more important in our daily lives than ever before, developers are making it extremely easy ... Read More »


Printing is the design alignment that is applied to huge surfaces to give them an extraordinary look, there are some of the most modern methods that are used in the 3d printing is in the form of the auto stereoscopic lenticular surfaces that is achieved by the lenticular printing and holography. 3D PRINTING: AN OVERVIEW This is the technique that ... Read More »