Sunday , 25 August 2019
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NASA captures Sun in a stunning 4K resolution

There is nothing much to say about Sun other than the fact that its always shining and always ablaze with light. Sun is always radiating energy and solar wind and NASA has a video to make us believe this. NASA has released a new 30-minute video which shows Sun in its never seen before glory. The video is created from ... Read More »

Strong solar winds stripped Mars’ atmosphere: NASA

Strong solar winds likely played a key role in the transition of the Martian climate from an early, warm and wet environment that might have supported life to the cold, arid planet Mars is on Friday, according to NASA. NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission data has enabled researchers to determine the rate at which the Martian atmosphere ... Read More »

Now, turn 2D videos into 3D in a minute

By using a software that powers sports video games, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) have developed a system that automatically converts 2D video of soccer games into 3D. The converted video can be played back over any 3D device — a commercial 3D TV, Google’s new Cardboard system which turns ... Read More »

Now, scientists discover ice-spewing volcanoes on Pluto

Scientists have discovered what appear to be ice-spewing volcanoes on the surface of Pluto, raising questions about how the tiny, distant world has been so geologically active, according to research presented on Monday. The findings, released at an American Astronomical Society meeting in National Harbor, Maryland, paint a far more complicated picture of Pluto and its moons than scientists imagined. ... Read More »

Mystery of ‘missing’ carbon on Mars decoded

Scientists have found that ultraviolet (UV) rays from Sun caused Mars to lose its atmospheric carbon dioxide, solving the long-standing mystery of the ‘missing’ carbon on the red planet. Mars is blanketed by a thin, mostly carbon dioxide atmosphere that is too thin to keep water from freezing or quickly evaporating. However, geological evidence has led scientists to conclude that ... Read More »

Safety in numbers: Cracking the coefficient code

Decimal expansion of numbers was a common exercise in middle-school mathematics. Fractions like 1/5 and 1/4 were less taxing. Their decimal expansions terminated promptly at 0.2 and 0.25 respectively. But the fraction 1/3 was a little intriguing. Its decimal expansion did not terminate, but it soon became clear that a single digit, namely 3, started to repeat itself. For certain ... Read More »

These are the best photos of Pluto you may see in decades: NASA

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has sent back the sharpest images of Pluto yet. According to NASA, these are the best close-up photos of Pluto that people may see for decades to come. The New Horizons spacecraft, no bigger than a piano, transmits data stored on its digital recorder each week from its flight through the Pluto System. These latest pictures ... Read More »

NASA: Supply shipment takes off for International Space Station

A US shipment of much-needed groceries and other astronaut supplies rocketed toward the International Space Station for the first time in months Sunday, reigniting NASA’s commercial delivery service. If the Orbital ATK capsule arrives at the space station Wednesday as planned, it will represent the first US delivery since spring. “Santa is on his way!” Tory Bruno, president of rocket ... Read More »

Chennai received more rain on Dec 1 than any other day since 1901: NASA

On December 1-2 flood-ravaged Chennai received more rainfall in 24 hours than it had seen on any day since 1901, according to NASA. The space agency yesterday released an animated map that provides satellite-based estimates of rainfall over southeastern India on December 1-2, accumulating in 30 minute intervals. The deluge followed a month of persistent monsoon rains that were already ... Read More »

Nano talk: liquid fuel gets an efficiency shot

Most of the engines today use liquid fuel to produce energy. Internal combustion engines in automobile industry, aero propulsion engines, and those used in the power generation industry, all of them use some sort of liquid fuel. The efficiency of liquid fuels cannot be increased by using the existing technologies. But given the ever-increasing demand for energy in the developing ... Read More »