Thursday , 26 April 2018
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CEO Search Delay Underscores Woes at Twitter

In the fast-moving world of Silicon Valley, Twitter’s search for a new chief executive is moving at a snail’s pace, raising concerns about deeper woes at the social media platform. The San Francisco messaging platform has been searching for a new leader since Dick Costoloannounced on June 12 he was stepping down, with co-founder Jack Dorsey holding the job on ... Read More »

Beware of Harming Your ‘Personal Brand’ on Social Media

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that on August 27th, “1 in 7 people on earth usedFacebook to connect with their friends and family” which means about 1 billion people in a single day. It’s a startling statistic and it means human connectivity is evolving at an exponential rate. It also means that when we are online someone, somewhere is ... Read More »

How to Stop Facebook Videos From Automatically Playing

Facebook recently enabled autoplaying videos on its website and apps and this feature is great if you watch a lot of videos and have a fast Internet connection with a generous data cap. However, many people are likely to find autoplaying videos annoying, especially because they start playing even when you’re just scrolling down and don’t pause at the video. ... Read More »

Facebook Wants You to Spend All Your Time on Facebook

There seems to be a lot going on at the big blue social network these days. A spate of headlines from the past several weeks have outlined some very ambitious plans: Facebook is building a real-time news tool that could kill Twitter. Facebook’s testing shopping products that could take on Amazon. Facebook’s making its own YouTube. On Friday, the company ... Read More »

Tweets Disappearing on Twitter? Here’s Why.

Twitter’s appeal has long been connected in part to its reputation as a user-controlled firehose, as opposed to a place where an algorithm determines what you see and don’t see. But that’s changed recently, at least incrementally. The company rolled out two abuse filters last spring, to help improve Twitter’s response to harassment on its site: an opt-in, aggressive quality ... Read More »

Why an Instagram Model With a Perfect Life Decided to Sign Off

After years of racking up followers, of posing artfully for the camera phone, of charging $1,400 (roughly Rs. 92,000) a pop for her sought-after sponsored posts, the 19-year-old Instagram model Essena O’Neill came to a startling conclusion: The whole Instagram enterprise is “contrived” and she no longer wants a part of it. Late last week, O’Neill – a bona fide ... Read More »

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on Philanthropy: Move Slow and Build Things

After making their fortunes from new software or social networks, some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have vowed to apply their skills to “hacking” philanthropy and “disrupting” old models for funding charity. Not so Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who isn’t afraid to take a more conventional approach to giving. Local officials will gather in San Francisco this weekend to dedicate ... Read More »

Two-Hat Dorsey Is Key Figure in Silicon Valley

With the market debut of mobile payments startup Square, Jack Dorsey becomes a pivotal figure in Silicon Valley as the chief executive of two major publicly traded tech companies. Dorsey, who last month returned as CEO on a permanent basis at Twitter, will be managing two firms with multi-billion dollar valuations which are both struggling to achieve profitability. Square begins ... Read More »

On Fake Instagram, a Chance to Be Real

For a certain generation, Instagram has become a calling card, a life résumé of sorts: “This is me. This is my life. Jealous?” A scroll through a typical feed is likely to reveal improbable images of just the right artisanal pizza, attractive couples drunk in love and eyebrows “on fleek,” all captured in perfect light and enhanced with various editing ... Read More »

Anonymous Hackers Fight Islamic State, But Reactions Are Mixed

People from various hacking collectives have tried for several months to block social media accounts that spread propaganda and attempt to recruit fighters for the Islamic State, but those campaigns gained a new energy on Twitter after the Paris attacks. Hashtags like #OpParis and #OpISIS have allowed the public to see the inner workings of those efforts, which seem to ... Read More »