Sunday , 19 August 2018
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Facebook Tests Tools to Make Breakups More Bearable

Facebook last week announced it was testing tools that will let people manage their post-breakup life on its pages. “Today social media means that you are guaranteed to run into your ex, and he or she might very well be wrapped around a new partner,” relationship expertWendy Walsh said. “Research has shown that those who don’t disconnect electronically have a ... Read More »

UHD TV – What’s the Damage?

TV manufacturers could have a very good holiday season, and the good times likely will continue through 2019. Sales of 4K or Ultra High Definition TV sets will exceed 330 million units by the end of 2019 — a sharp increase from the 2 million sold in 2013, according to data released last month by Parks Associates. However, while the ... Read More »

Blue Origin Rocket Sticks Landing

Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket this week made history when it landed intact in Texas. The unmanned crew capsule returned safely from a test flight that took it 330,000 feet into the air. The New Shepard could become the first reusable booster — it’s scheduled to return to space in a few months. It’s now tucked into a storage facility ... Read More »

Massive Hack Attack on Educational Toy Company Exposes Parents, Kids

The award-winning Hong Kong-based maker of electronic learning toys for kids on Friday announced that its Learning Lodge database was breached in a hack attack on Nov. 14. Learning Lodge lets customers download apps, learning games, e-books, and other educational content to VTech products. The news first surfaced on Motherboard, which last week reported that the personal information of nearly ... Read More »

Vintage Video Games Reloaded

The movie and music industries over the past three decades have reaped profits from their vaults. Old music recordings have been rereleased on new formats ranging from CDs to digital downloads to streaming services. Hollywood has experienced its own cash cow from the introduction of DVDs, Blu-rays and streaming movie services. Technological advances in hardware provided new revenue streams for ... Read More »

Court Lifts NSL-Imposed Gag Order on Warrantless FBI Probing

The ruling, handed down this summer by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, was stayed for 90 days to give the government time to file an appeal. It became public when the stay expired on Monday. The FBI had sought to suppress disclosure of anattachment specifying the broad range of information it requested from ... Read More »

Tech Titans Launch Breakthrough Energy Coalition

High-tech honchos and venture capitalists from around the world — and one university — on Monday officially announced their participation in theBreakthrough Energy Coalition, a new fund to support companies doing clean energy research. The group includes Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Kingdom Holding ... Read More »

Yahoo Reintroduces a Messenger for This Millennium

In the midst of takeover speculation, Yahoo on Thursday reintroduced its standby Messenger app in a more robust version, with a set of features designed to breathe new life into a semi-comatose patient. Late, No Chaser “The reboot of Yahoo Messenger comes at an odd time, making it look somewhat like a Hail Mary pass by a CEO under fire,” ... Read More »

The Trouble With Hoverboards and Lithium-Ion Batteries

The biggest problem is that a lithium ion fire in a large battery pack like this could burn down your house, and that would be an ugly end to holiday festivities. I’ll explain why you should keep your eyes out for cheap products that have big lithium ion battery packs, like these popular hoverboards. I’ll close with my product of ... Read More »

Hot Hacker Targets in 2016: Fantasy Sports, Professional Services

As 2016 approaches, it’s time to get the crystal ball out and predict next year’s cybersecurity trends. Here are some predictions from security pros TechNewsWorld interviewed. Fantasy Sports Sites Will Be Hacked Fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel in 2015 caught the attention of states’ attorneys general, who wanted to treat the outfits as gambling enterprises. In 2016, the ... Read More »